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How To Attract Birds In Florida?

Mackenzie Gary



Do you have a backyard and want to know how to attract birds in Florida? Undoubtedly, birds like trees, flowers, and food. But every bird has its own fondness. Some birds prefer seeds, and others enjoy fruits. According to Florida weather and environmental situations, it’s significant to overlook their houses. 

Not every species needs to want feeders. In this article, you will know about the best seeds and ways to attract birds. Surely, you will make some plans to enjoy birding. Still, how will you see the birds without providing them with a water bath? It depends on what kind of birds you want to notice. 

As cardinals and hummingbirds have different food habits. To get rid of all the worries and know about details, keep in touch. You will surely get lots of information to make your Florida backyard cheerful. 


Common Tips To Attract Birds

When birds fly, then they need a place where they feel relaxed. However, birds only visit the place where they find some food, water, and playing area. Everybody can attract the birds to provide them shelter and an eco-friendly environment. Some following tips will surely help you. 

Place bird feeders

First and foremost, the major appealing factor of birds is food. Basically, birds need additional energy to keep alive and active. Most of the birds died due to malnutrition. Some poor and cheap food also become the cause of the birds’ extinction. 

Therefore, various food feeders for hanging in the garden are easily available. Determine one of them and assemble your backyard adorable. For a large backyard, more than one feeder is suited. Perhaps, various birds want extra seeds. 

In this instance, you can place a variety of seeds in separate feeders. Also, a strand with multiple food feeders is exactly fit for alluring birds. 

Provide them shelter

As everyone needs shelter to keep safe and secure. Yet, the birds are small creatures and look beautiful in gardens. However, the second important factor is to provide them with a birdhouse in Florida. During the breeding season, birds acquire a safe place to lay eggs. 

They need to keep their eggs warmer and safe from predators. Although, birds attract toward the place where birdhouses are fixed. Try to place the one opening shelters to make the birds glad. It will also enhance your backyard’s beauty and birds will permanently stay in your garden. The adequate opinion is to hang the birdhouses on tree branches. 

Avoid pesticide

Undoubtedly, pesticides are directly and indirectly poisonous to birds. Birds have a habit of eating fruits and various parts of plants. Hence, people sprinkle pesticides on plants to kill the pest to save fruits. Unfortunately, birds intake chemicals instead of taking nutrition. It is toxic to birds’ health and they may die. 

Besides, birds also like insects and allow their baby birds to eat them. No doubt, baby birds need extra care for fast grooming. If the insects die, then it will be a big loss for birds. So make sure to avoid the pesticide and save the birds. A friendly environment is a good answer for How to Attract Birds In Florida.

Drip water system

The sound of falling drops of water attracts the birds toward Florida city. Fountains in a backyard fascinate the birds to improve the attractiveness of the garden. Yet, the mist or drip water system makes the birds delighted and pleased. Sometimes birds feel uncomfortable drinking water through the feeders. 

They require an open-source for bathing or drinking. Furthermore, the most comfortable thing for large beak birds is the mister. Even chickens cannot fly and do not drink through the hanging feeder. The drip water system is adequate for them also. 

Select fresh seeds

Seeds quality matters a lot to retain your area charming. Low-quality and cheaper seeds cannot fulfill the bird’s nutrition requirements. Moreover, they feel hungry before their eating time. The usage of seed will be more. Otherwise, birds feel fatigued due to malnutrition. 

The cheapest seeds are available in the mixture, and some birds don’t like it. Besides, the high-quality seeds are large and available in separate forms. Quality seeds are properly wrapped to get rid of germs and bacterias. This is accessible in fresh form also. 

Provide a variety of seeds

As birds like a variety of seeds. The black oil and shelled sunflower seeds are likable for birds. Furthermore, ground and niger seeds are best for various finches. Every bird has their own choice to eat. Keep the feeders in Florida backyards, and load seeds. 

Endeavor to understand their feeding essentials to attract a specific type of bird. Various seeds have different benefits for the bird’s health. So that variety is more appropriate than certain seeds.

Avoid rodenticide

Actually, some people use rodenticides to get rid of rodents. When rats eat this poison, then they die immediately. However, birds pick up the dead rodents and enjoy them as healthy food. But this poison spread in the bird’s body, and healthy birds lost their lives. On the other hand, birds eat these chemical pills directly. 

When other birds see the dead ones, then they avoid coming into the backyard again. So, make sure to provide safe space to the birds in Florida. 

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Water bath

Water baths are easily feasible in various sizes. Firstly, it is helpful to connect the birds with your Florida garden. Even birds will be cheerful because they enjoy bathing. As water is a universal need, and birds like it. Just make sure to replace the water daily and equip them for a hygienic environment. 

Otherwise, various diseases will be spread in birds as well as in humans due to dirty water. Sore throat and respiratory disease will be common because of drinking polluted water. Not only bird feces but various bacterias and viruses become the reason for the unhygienic condition. This tip is wonderful to get rid of worry about How to Attract Birds In Florida.

Grow variety of plants

It is a fact that humans love nature. But talking about birds, they like plants as food, shelter, and joy. Always make certain whether your backyards have trees, shrubs, or ground cover. If yes, then it is a great thing to attract the birds. Trees are helpful to rescue the birds from danger.

Many types of predators cannot climb on the trees. Indeed, they are not harmful to eggs. Birds can also make their own nest on the trees and get food also. Oak trees should be in your backyard because caterpillars eat the leaves. In this way, birds eat the caterpillar, and the food cycle is maintained. 

However, flowering plants are preferable. Butterflies consume the flower’s nectar. Immediately, birds capture them for their nestling and fledgling. Many types of insects are available on flowers which attract the attention of birds. Shrubs and groundcovers are for hummingbirds as well as for domesticated ones. Besides, native plants can make your Florida garden cheerful. 

Regular clean the feeders

To make the feeders new and durable, make sure to clean them regularly. Within a week, the seeds were spoiled and dangerous for birds. Furthermore, during the moist temperature, this sensation is fast. Therefore, clean the bird’s feeder and put the seeds after proper drying. This will help to retain the seeds for one to two weeks.

How to attract the birds in florida for birding

Bird watching is a habit for some people. For those who want to enjoy birding, then try to avoid some important factors. 

Don’t be deadhead plants

Basically, the top of plants is overloaded with seeds. Various birds attract toward Florida to enjoy the food. On different trees, the source of food will become the reason for your bird watching. Yet, don’t be deadheading the plants to enjoy colorful birds.

Leave old watery fruit

One more tip is to leave the old watery fruits on the tree. Definitely, the over-ripened fruits ruptured, and this will not meet your requirement. Birds enjoy the watery, over-ripened, and fermented one to sip up the pulp.  

Make sugar syrup

The water feeders also attract the birds in Florida for birding. But if water and sugar solution fill up in the bottle, then birds enjoy it more. Undoubtedly, birds like the sweet taste, and this will be a kindness with small creatures. 

Avoid using color in syrup

Factly, some birds like colors but some do not. However, using the color drops in sugar syrup is not appropriate. Birds can feel the danger and never come to your backyard again. Never use the colors in sugar water and feel relaxed about How to Attract Birds In Florida.

Types of birds in Florida and ways to attract them

There are many bird species in Florida. Finches, pigeons, doves, ducks, and many others are found in this city. Let’s take a glance at important ones to attract them. 

Northern Cardinals

Cardinals are lovely birds with strong and large beaks. Color is a most unique character in cardinals. The shade of this bird is appealing, and every person wants to entice them towards their backyard. Males cardinals are red with black faces, and females are pale brown. They mostly fly around sunflowers, safflower, and purple coneflowers.

Facts to attract cardinals:

  • Birds feeder

Window bird feeders, longitudinal tube hanging feeders tempt the cardinal. Also, the feeder station allures maximum cardinals. 

  • Favorite food : 

Northern cardinals have their assent. They like seeds as well as fruits. Fresh sunflower and safflower seeds should be in your desired location. Some kinds of fruits like mulberry and blueberries captivate them. Undoubtedly, cardinals like corn and peanuts also. 

  • Safe shelter:

Cardinals need safe shelter that is not covered properly. Just a roof and base will be best to appoint on branches and trees. They primarily like the nest that is made with bushes. Yet, properly covered houses do not attract Northern cardinals.

  • Water:

Water is vital for the northern cardinal. Cardinals need water on a daily basis to keep them hydrated. Water feeders will not entertain the cardinals, and they prefer open water baths. 

Wild parrot

Wild parrots are green, and they are close to greenery. For parrots amusements, swings and twigs are applicable. They have a habit of nibbling the branches. Hence, don’t break and remove the old branches. Close shelters attract them to save their babies. Wild parrots stay in roses, salvia, and sunflower gardens. 

The best bird feeder for wild parrots is tray and window feeders. If you place fruits in your Florida garden, then you will see a lot of wild parrots. 

Mourning Dove

As mourning doves are larger birds. Therefore, they never appreciate the hanging feeders. Mourning birds don’t want enclosure birdhouses. With the twigs, they make their own nest. That’s why trees are a must to attract them. Mounting birds love the sunflower, aster, and purple cornflower

Tray feeders are best suited for mounting doves. The best way to entice them is to supply the seeds in a tray.

Blue Bird

Bluebirds enjoy native grasses and bathing in freshwater. Various kinds of perches for sitting surely attract them. They like close birdhouses but make their own nest. Worms and fruits are their common food.  Not just this, but bluebirds also prefer eggshells to maintain calcium. 

Tray feeders are friendly for bluebirds. Attempt to place the food material including suet in a tray to retain them in Florida.  Bluebirds prefer dogwood and red cedar plants.


Finches attract water baths, perches, and food feeders. Red ribbons make them assured to have feeders. Trees or weeds provide them with safe sitting space. They don’t like birdhouses but prefer nesting. The plants that finches like are sunflower and safflowers.

Here, don’t worry about How to attract birds in Florida because tube bird feeders attract the finches. Also, make certain to provide them with clean food feeders.

Blue Jay

Due to long beaks, it’s difficult to eat through hanging food feeders for blue jays. These birds enjoyed the purple coneflower. However, try to grow these flowers in your Florida yard. Blue jay wants closed shelters for protection. Indeed, the best bird feeders for blue jay are suet, tray, and tube one. Tray feeders with sunflower seeds, corn, and suet make them attentive

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Basically, the most favorite thing for woodpeckers is dead and dying wood. Moreover, they want to go to the place where they will easily access the fruit trees. Suet and water are other ways to attract them. Woodpeckers use nests, and like oak trees. Suet feeders entice the woodpecker in your Florida garden. 

Northern Mockingbird

Northern mockingbirds eat insects and berries. Grow diverse types of berries plants for this bird. Avoid using pesticides in summers because these birds eat caterpillars also. Northern mockingbirds make their own houses. Suet feeders are an important factor to attract them.

Palm Warbler

To allure palm warblers, grow the trees in excessive range. This bird prefers the place of dispersed trees. They come to the yard where they find fruits and peanuts tray feeders. Otherwise, jelly and insects are best for them. Besides, hanging birdhouses won’t amuse them.

Grey Catbird

Grey catbirds feel comfortable in scattered vines and shrubs. Actually, they make their own nest. These birds prefer the hidden space for their nestlings. Fruits and insects are their common food. So, fruit feeders are best to attract them. 

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Water, sunflower seeds, suet, and peanuts attract the yellow-rumped warbler in Florida. However, suet and tube feeders are applicable for them. Moreover, oak trees are liked by this bird.


Hummingbirds prefer the red color. Yet, red food feeders and ribbons alert them for food. Like other birds, they also prioritize water baths and perches. Try to grow red flower plants in your Florida garden, and enjoy the presence of hummingbirds. They like open houses like nests. Moreover, red and purple are their priority flowers. 

What can I feed wild birds in Florida?

Wild birds used different food like worms, suet, insects, and seeds in Florida. All these food materials provide proteins, carbohydrates, and various nutrients. 


Mealworms are the best food for wild birds in Florida. They enjoy preying on the worms to get proteins. Mother gives the worm to their nestlings to grow fast. Moreover, birds used the mealworm to get excessive fats to stay functioning. Birds eat the living and dead juicy worms also. 

Seeds or seed cake

As seeds are a basic source of food for wild birds. They get the seeds from plants and feeders. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, corn, and niger seeds supply a rich source of lipids. With high nutrients, seeds can help to maintain the weight of birds to easily fly.  


Another crucial factor for How To Attract Birds In Florida is Suet in the backyard. This food enchants various bird species. Hanging the piece at a cold temperature will be best for birds. Basically, birds get lots of fats to keep them warm and active in winters. It also maintains the metabolism of birds. 


Various insects like butterflies, moths, ants, and grasshoppers are eaten by wild birds. Insects provide protein to fledgling to strengthen the muscles. 

Best birds seeds for Florida

Although, there are a variety of seeds in the world. But it counts what kind of seeds birds used. So let’s read to know. 

Niger seeds

Niger seeds have nutrition to regulate the movement of birds’ muscles. High calories and fats keep the birds active in the cold season.  

Black sunflower seeds

Black sunflower seeds are high in nutrition and are best for vitamins. It controls the cardiovascular system and is rich in protein and minerals.

Shelled sunflower seeds

Shelled seeds are suitable for every bird because of their smaller size. For stronger bones of birds, the shelled sunflower seeds are helpful. 

Safflowers seed

Safflower seeds are best for nestling and fledgling to gain weight. Also, cardinals enjoy these seeds because of their stronger red beak. A mixture of seeds with safflower can be more reasonable for different birds. 


During the icy climate in Florida, peanuts are best to gain calories and lots of fats for birds. Unsalted peanuts provide nutrition to all types of birds in Florida.


Baby birds need extra nutrition and calories for healthy development. Millets fulfill baby birds’ essentials. Various types of millets are valuable to provide calcium, magnesium, and nutrition to birds. 

Kind of Birds feeders that work in Florida

Feeders are impressive in a Florida garden to make your area enchanting. There are different sorts of feeders. But for Florida, the hanging, mesh, window, and tray feeders are suited. Some birds like feeders and some demand open sources. Undoubtedly, small and lightweight birds prefer hanging ones. Yet, heavy birds select tray feeders. So let’s see about types of feeders and why birds pick the favorable ones. 

Hanging feeders

Hanging feeders are prepared in a longitudinal way. The reason for choosing these feeders is to provide easy access to hummingbirds. Although, birds have small feet that will easily hold the base to pick up grains. One more thing is to hang the feeder anywhere in the backyard. Chains and ropes are stronger to carry the weight of seeds as well as birds. Shortly, it works in Florida.

Mesh feeders

Indeed, you are inquisitive about How to Attract Birds In Florida with Mesh feeders. Mesh feeders are stronger and have large space for grains. If you desire to pick something durable, then it will be best for Florida. Therefore, the smaller grains cannot be wasted due to small holes in the mesh. 

Window feeders 

Window feeders are suitable for hummingbirds and work in Florida. It is not the right fit for doves and heavy birds. Moreover, this is for those birds who love to eat from open sources. 

Tray feeders

Tray feeders are applicable during mild temperatures. Otherwise, icy temperatures will spoil the seeds. 

Best birds feeders which attract maximum birds

Some feeders used by hummingbirds, cardinal, blue jay, and finches are following:

Feeder station

Feeders station is the most pleasing and attracts maximum birds in Florida. Basically, the station has more than one feeder. More seeds entice unlimited finches and cardinals. You can place seeds, suet, and peanuts in diverse hanging feeders. 

Yet, the feeder’s station has a tray to make your doves happy. This is designed to be placed in a big backyard. For birding, this feeder station is a good choice. The concern is to have a top cover on each piece of the feeder. It will be helpful to protect the seeds from snowfall. 

Suet feeders

A suet feeder is just like a small cage that permits the birds to enjoy a piece of solid food. This feeder has large holes and has the capability to store the suet pieces. Just open it and fix the food material. It is adjustable at any place where you want to attract the birds. 

Hence, You can set the seed cake, peanut butter, and worms in it. These feeders are available in various sizes and designs. Just decide the right one to place it under the shadow. 

Fruit feeders

Fruit feeders for birds are simple in design. You can also make it at home with a piece of copper wire. Utilize this feeder for those birds who like the fruits. Some fruit feeders are available in the net form. Net feeders are dangerous for birds. Make certain to prefer a simple and attractive one. 

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Tube feeders

Tube feeders come in length with undersized holes. The cavities are made to pick up seeds. Perhaps, these are usually made with plastic or glass. Perches are adjusted for birds’ ease. They sit on perches and pick up seeds from the small opening. These feeders are stable and very manageable. The seeds are not spoiled in tube feeders. 

Plant to attract hummingbirds in Florida

Hummingbirds are special due to their flying style. Certainly, these birds can fly in all directions. Its hovering capability impressed people. Hummingbirds can hover in front of flowers for a long time, and their muscles remain functional. That’s why everyone wants to know How To Attract Birds in Florida. 

However, they like many flowering plants to stay in the garden. A blossom list is below to entice them.

Firecracker Bush

Actually, the red color of the firecracker bush attracts the maximum number of hummingbirds. In fact, these birds love the color red. Yet, the leaves of the flower are soft and narrow, which become the food for birds. These Florida shrubby plants enrich your garden’s beauty.

Milkweed plants

Many species of this milkweed plant are easily grown in Florida. This is an oval-spherical umbel and seasonal plant. Moreover, leaves have milky sap, and flowers have nectar to attract hummingbirds.

Purple porter weed

Purple porter weed flowers have a purple color, which is the favorite one of hummingbirds. Hence, the texture of plants with nectar is great to attract birds. The small blooms with shiny branches work as food. Yet, this is an annual plant but cheerful for hummingbirds. This plant is native to Florida. 

Soap aloe

Soap aloe plants have flowers of various colors.  Although, the orange, red, and yellow color inflorescence is soft, and leaves are tough. Nevertheless, Florida-friendly plants with long spikes attract hummingbirds. These are not shrubs but are ground cover plants. 

Red Penta

Penta plants have a variety in color but red ones are best for hummingbirds. Therefore, the star shape of the flower makes the garden beautiful and friendly to birds. The red Penta has a growing season to enchanting your Florida. 

Salvia plants

Salvia plants are just like shrubs and are red. The nectar of the plant is very attractive due to its soft inflorescence. Salvia annual plants easily grow in Florida gardens to attract hummingbirds. 


Lantana plants have a pigment variety. Ultimately the golden, yellow, red, and orange colors of Lantana Florida plants attract various birds. Pollinators enjoy the nectar of this shrubby plant. 


Abelia is a Florida environmental-friendly plant. The shrubby plant with white bell-shaped flowers attracts the maximum number of hummingbirds toward nectar. 

Fire bush

Fire bush plants with bright red stems and orange flowers make the garden beautiful. Hummingbirds hover on perennial, shrubby, and southern Florida native plants. 

Best food to serve to attract the birds in Florida

Florida birds use various food items in winter and summer. According to cold weather, birds pick seeds, nuts, and grains. However, in the summer, they like juicy items. 

Winter food

In winters birds need lipids, fats, protein, calories, and carbohydrates to keep warm. Regardless, peanuts, barley, and cheese are the most suitable food. To know about How To Attract Birds In Florida, you must care about winter foods. 


Peanuts and almonds are useful for birds. Every bird has a different beak size. So, the nuts will be best without hard shells for hummingbirds. However, shelled peanuts are just best for large beaked birds. 


Barley and rice are useful for wild parrots in Florida. However, the tray which is full of grains attracts the dove. 


Sunflower seeds are the most favorite for birds in winter to preserve nutrition in the body. Millets and niger seed feeders catch the attention of hummingbirds and finches in the garden.  

Dry fruits

Cherries and blueberries entice the most birds. Birds can attain vitamins and minerals with dry fruits. 

Summer food

In the summer, birds want watery food for hydration. Otherwise, dehydration can damage the body cells. 

Fresh Fruits

Oranges and apples maintain the nutrition of birds. The sweet taste of fruit pulp is the best delight for them. Citrus fruits help to maintain the digestive system and regulate the pH level of the body.  


Flowers nectar is a common food for every bird. But birds can enjoy the nectar during the flowering season. The best way to make them happy is to provide sweet water. Solution of sugar and water in winters attract the birds in Florida.

How to attract birds to my bird feeder in Florida

The best way to attract birds to your bird feeders in Florida is to know about all their food requirements. See what they require in Florida.

Careful to select feeders

Importantly, be careful to select the feeders. The close feeders will be suitable for Florida city. Especially during winters, the top cover of feeders protects the seeds from snow. Besides, all the birds don’t like tube feeders. Doves prefer just tray feeders. So, be careful before picking the tray feeders with the proper top. 

Put favorite seeds

Numbers of bird species never just want the sunflower seeds. Some birds make their houses in the backyard where they find niger seeds and nuts. Also, the birds favor those places where they have incessant and permanent food. Otherwise, they will migrate into another yard. 

Careful about Seeds quality

Cheap seeds have lots of disadvantages. Inexpensive seeds are not only harmful to birds’ digestive systems but also tasteless. So, be careful about seed quality, and try to buy fresh ones. 


Hopefully, you will get your answer about How To Attract Birds In Florida. With some little effort, you can enjoy birding. Just high-quality seeds, food, suet, and cheese make your Florida charming. Birds not only want food but also shelter and a water bath. 

If birds get lots of facilities, then they never leave your yard. On the other hand, trees and shrubs can be helpful for those who never like birdhouses. For the breeding season, some birds make their own nest, and some use shelters. It depends on what type of birds you want to attract. As you can attract hummingbirds with various flowering plants. The same cardinal wants safe space, seasonal food, and plants to spend their joyful life.