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5 Best Suet Feeders for Woodpeckers – Buyer’s Guide

Mackenzie Gary

Best Bird feeders


Are you trying to get the attention of woodpeckers with your bird feeder all around the year? If yes, then here we are sharing the best of the best suet feeders to attract clinging birds like woodpecker and brown creepers. 

Here, all of our selected bird feeders are the ones that come with excellent clinging comfort and should be perfect for most clinging birds, including the woodpeckers and several rare birds too. Moreover, to draw their attention, a suet feeder with a longer tail prop can also make a great impression as it expands the chances of woodpeckers hanging on them. Plus, if a gripping ridge is also included in the feeder’s design, it will be the one to give stability to the woodpeckers while they are dining. 

Woodpeckers like natural voices like moving insects or water splashes. Therefore, you should also hang the bird feeder for woodpeckers in a silent corner of your home. Most bird owners prefer to hang it in their garden. In contrast, the least most pick to hang a bird feeder would be to hang it in your garage or window of your living room because they are likely to be busy and noisy places. 

5 Best Suet Feeders for Woodpeckers Bird:

While selecting a suet feeder for the woodpeckers from the listed items, you should know a feeder that works perfectly for someone else does not guarantee it will be perfect for you too. Thus, while picking your suet feeder, check if it will work for your particular case or not.

1. Double Cake Pileated Suet Feeder:

Among all the bird feeders available, it is our number one pick for drawing woodpecker’s attention to your backyard. It is built with recycled plastic, yet it is strong enough to withstand any season, plus the manufacturers guarantee that it will not be destroyed or split into two by animals like a racoon or squirrel.

Mostly, buyers were a bit nervous while buying this feeder due to its simple design. But, after using it, they were surprised to see the results. They saw woodpeckers eating at this bird feeder. Most birds take their time for up to 2 to 3 days to accept a new feeder, but they observed Downey woodpeckers start using it within the first few hours feeder got installed. 

You can put 2 cakes or 2 pounds of weight in this feeder. Moreover, since it does not have a huge design, its body does not get dirty frequently. You may only need to clean it once in a few days or so. Most users also gave a positive review about maintaining it because they only had to slide up and out of the feeder to maintain it. In other words, it is the simplest product to maintain you are going to find in this list. 

A majority of the buyer also reported that it is the best woodpecker to save your suet from squirrels. If you hang it correctly, it will become squirrel and raccoon free. Even people living in an area full of squirrels said that most squirrels try to reach the suet, but they all end up giving up in the process of failing over and over again. 

Since it is also bigger and features two faces, the woodpeckers are not going to fight for space on this feeder at least. All of them will have enough space and suet for all your neighbour woodpeckers. 

Before buying this feeder, the only important factor you should consider is it is a heavy feeder. Thus, you would have to attach it with a strong pole or a branch of a tree. Or else, with the weight of suet and a woodpecker, it can break them. 

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Can withstand woodpecker’s constant drilling

Weather Resisting

Easy to Clean


Need to hang with a strong branch

2. Kettle Moraine Window Mount

If you want to attract woodpeckers to your window and have a close eye on them, this is one of the best Suet Feeders for Woodpeckers you can get. Since it comes with two powerful suction cups, you can easily stack it with any wall or glass window you want. Still, for the best results make sure you have cleaned the window and it does not have any dust on it. Once, you are done with it, you can also refill this suet feeder without detaching it to the wall. Since it can carry only one suet at a time, it is a great advantage. 

Moreover, it is made up of Recycled Milk jugs and designed to withstand all seasons and temperatures. Once, you are done with attaching it to the wall, you are going to see a continuous stream of woodpeckers and other birds to your window. They will be hanging out there and taking turns to fly up to the suet feeder. Plus, other than woodpeckers it is also capable of drawing the bald eagle’s attention towards itself and can also carry its weight without damaging the body. 

Still, since it was supposed to be a budget friendly suet feeder for woodpeckers, it is smaller in size and can only carry a single suet cake at a time. Thus, you would have to refill it more frequently, but you can do it with ease and without unmounting it from the wall. Plus, if you are living in an area where it rains a lot, this might not be the best option for you. Even though it can withstand any temperature with ease from -20 to +40, it is not able to hold up against dew after heavy rains. In dew, its ability to stick to the wall and window gets affected and they fall down from there. Even after you find it, this feeder is not going to stick again with the wall because it has already lost the stickiness in its suction cups.


Can hold in low temperatures.

100% Squirrel proof

Can refill it without taking it off the window


Not designed for rainy seasons

3. MEKKAPRO Suet Wild Bird Feeder with Hanging Metal Roof

If you are under a tight budget and looking for a suet feeder that has a simple design and is long-lasting, this might be the best suet feeders for woodpeckers you can find. You can put two regular-sized suet cakes in it at a time. Moreover, since it is not a huge sized feeder, almost all birds from small to big can enjoy the cake with their beaks. 

What most people like about this feeder is that it will not protect your suet cake from getting wet even in the heavy rain. Since it comes with a strong top built with Iron, its inner body will remain dry doesn’t matter how hard it rains outside. Moreover, it is also designed especially for clinging birds like woodpeckers to cling on the sides with ease. 

It was specifically designed to be one of the best suet feeders for woodpeckers under this budget without compromising on the build quality. Therefore, the manufacturers used Iron to make it strong and withstand all seasons, and its simple design draws the attention of every bird nearby. It is also capable of entertaining two to four woodpeckers at the same time. 

Nevertheless, it also comes with a downfall that it is not manufactured to stop squirrels from stealing the suet cakes. Even though stealing suet from this feeder will not be a cakewalk, yet most squirrels find a way after a struggle of a few hours. Thus, if you also have many squirrels, then this might not be the one. Still, if you have some crafting skills, then you can also make a DIY squirrel proof bird feeder or hang it with a squirrel proof technique.

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Strong built quality

Easy to clean

Can carry two suet cakes at a time. 


Not squirrel proof

4. Songbird Essentials Suet & Seed Ball Feeder

Songbirds Essentials came up with a very unique build and functional design for this feeder. Most feeders for woodpeckers are either build in cube or rectangle shape. But, these are made in a ring shape to make them exclusively functional for woodpeckers. Since it does not have a plane surface to sit on, most birds other than woodpeckers do not get much attracted by it. However, woodpeckers including flickers, pileated, downy and red headed woodpeckers love to sit on it and enjoy their meal. Moreover, it is also built with metal. Thus, you do not need to worry about its durability, and this purchase is going to be worth the money you are investing.

Since it is a ring shaped suet feeder, you can put several suet balls for drawing the woodpecker’s attention. This way, you will not be bond to keep an eye on your feeder every day and update it. Thus, you will be making your life much easier. Even though refilling it is also easy as a breeze. All you need to do is remove its top and put all the suet balls you have one by one, and hang it back to the branch or pole in your garden. 

Before buying, make sure you have checked its size dimensions (5.15 x 8.75 x 8.25 inches) because most buyers were expecting it to be slightly larger and were disappointed with the body size. Despite the size, they also had positive reviews while mentioning its functionality. 

If you are living in an area having many squirrels moving freely, this feeder might not be the one you are looking for. Since it is in a ring shape with larger holes than you would expect in a regular feeder, this feeder is an attraction squirrel too. However, if you hang it with a branch and a long rope, you can prevent it too, but it would not be the ideal scenario. 

After woodpeckers enjoy their meal, the small chunks are likely to fall out of the suet feeder due to its larger holes in the design. Therefore, you would have to spend some time cleaning the surface too. 


Specially designed to attract woodpeckers

Easy to clean and refill

Holds several suet balls at once


Small chunks may fall out of the feeder

Not squirrel free

5. Squirrel X Squirrel Resistant Double Suet Feeder

If you are looking for a suet feeder to hang in an open field but afraid of squirrels moving around your area? If yes, then the Squirrel X Squirrel will be the best solution for you because its metal body is specially designed to keep the squirrels away from the cage. Its design makes it impossible for squirrels to reach the suet from all angles, and to cover the top, it comes with a tight steel top fit. This way, it becomes a beautifully designed steel cage with no openings for any squirrels in your yard. 

Other than keeping squirrels away, it can also carry 2 suet cakes at the same time. Thus, you will not have to refill every day. But, since it does not have a properly covered surface, the suet cake’s small pieces will make a mess in your garden, and you would have to clean it on daily basis. 

Manufacturers designed it to be a good looking and functional suet feeder for woodpeckers. Since woodpeckers love to cling on it, and sometimes two birds cling to it at the same time. Therefore, it has a strong body that can carry a lot of weight without getting damaged. Plus, it is also able to withstand all seasons from hot sunny days to snowy seasons, as it will cover all scenarios you can hang it in and getting all these features under a limited budget will be a smart choice.

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Despite all of its great features, it also has a few flaws. For instance, a few buyers reported that they found a few sparrows and other species got their heads stuck in the cage for several hours and the owner had to make efforts to free them. Still, you can easily solve this problem by using the wires to close that opening of 1 inch. 


100% Squirrel Proof

Can carry 2 suet cakes

Can withstand all weathers


Big birds stuck their head in the 1 inch opening at the top or bottom. 

Buyer’s Guide

If you search for a woodpecker feeder Amazon has thousands of options. And after going through a variety of options for your next suet feeder for woodpeckers, and every brand claiming to be providing the Best Suet Feeders for Woodpeckers, most people get confused and buy the feeder that does not suit their garden or requirements. thus, here we are giving you some tips that you should consider so that you can get the best suet feeders for woodpecker among all the above. 

The Capacity of Holding Suet Cakes:

if you travel a lot or do not have much time to look after the suet feeder daily, then you should go for a feeder that can carry at least 2 suet cakes at a time. This way, you will be saving your time and energy.

However, if you have someone who can look after it, then you can also go for the feeder capable of holding only one suet cake. In that manner, you can also save a few bucks while purchasing too.

Squirrel Proof:

Squirrels are not found in every garden, but if you see them moving in yours, then it is a clear sign that you should get a Squirrel proof woodpecker feeder for your woodpeckers. Every suet feeder will come with some pros and cons, and you can also compromise on some of them, but having squirrels and a non-squirrel proof feeder hanging in your garden is not acceptable. 

However, there are also a few ways of hanging non-squirrel proof suet feeders to make them squirrel proof. Therefore, if you are crafty enough, you can also look for a tutorial on it.

Feeding Seasons:

It is important to consider in which season you are going to hang your feeder for woodpeckers because all suet feeders are not designed to withstand all seasons. Especially, if you are living in colder areas, most suet feeders are not going to match your needs. Thus, you would have to find the one that can work best for you.

Ideally, go for the one that can function in all seasons. However, many people also buy two or three cheaper suet feeders for various seasons. 


While looking for a suet feeder, your friends may also give you a suggestion or two but remember, the suet feeder that works perfectly for them may not work as well for you, and the scenario can be the opposite too. 

Now you might be wondering how can it be different. Right? Its because every garden or hanging area has different characteristics and demands. Since they vary from every hanging branch to branch, the requirements will also differ. Thus, always make sure you are getting the suet feeder for woodpeckers that works for you, not for others.