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Best Bird Feeder for Doves that attracts them

Mackenzie Gary

Best Bird feeders


If you are a bird’s best friend, you probably looked into buying the most suitable bird feeders for easy access to food.

So, we have to go another roundup of feeders for you. This one is for the lovely doves.

The dove couple comes to the feed mostly in the morning and mostly picks up food fallen on the ground. But you can go for one of these bird feeders made to attract the doves and keep it in a safe place in your home.

Here are some of the highest-rated bird feeders to attract doves.

The Gray Bunny bird feeder has clear acrylic windows with high transparency. It can be mounted outside at a high place. Mounting it outside is better as the seed feeder will cling and attach to it. Hanging on a high place keeps squirrels away as well.

Thick windows made from acrylic are lightweight yet durable. The feeder has suction cups to keep it mounted and stuck to a window or any smooth surface.

Gray Bunny feeder had an extra deep tray that can hold up to 4 cups of seeds and there is a tray divider so you can give a variety of food to the doves. The tray can be removed for cleaning purposes. Drain holes in the tray and the base of the feeder to keep the seeds dry.

You can serve mixed seed blends, nyjer, black oil sunflower, safflower, peanuts, mealworms, and even suet. This feeder attracts doves, bluebirds, robins, woodpeckers, and more as well.

The reviews of this article suggest that the suction cups might stop working which leads to the feeder falling off the window.  You might also have to wash the suction cups and keep them clean to prevent the stickiness from wearing down.

The suction cups might stop working after regular use, but you can purchase replacement cups from the same store. Another drawback is that some birds might not be able to see it due to transparent windows and crash into it.

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However, for all its products, Gray Bunny promises premium parts, so they won’t wear down easily. You can buy this feeder for $20 – $25.

Mixxidea’s tray feeder for doves and other birds holds plenty of mixed seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and more. It has a mesh wire design to allow water to drain and for seeds to remain dry. Double metals stands are built to balance the tray and keep it from turning over while birds are feeding.

The tray is made from thick steel and has a coating of black powder to prevent rusting. The material is claimed to be durable.

It attracts doves, finches, cardinals, crows, and other pretty birds. The tray is 7 by 7 inches, has a depth of 1.4 inches, and is 1 inch above the ground.

The metal stands are not detachable. Some smaller seeds might drop through the mesh, but most seeds remain put in the tray. Some manufacturing defects might damage the mesh and make the stands uneven.
It is easy to clean. You can buy it for a price of about $10 – $20.

JCs’ ground tray feeder has an open-tray design that accommodates all ground-feeding birds like mourning doves.

The tray is fashioned in several bright colors to attract a variety of birds. The removable tray makes it incredibly easy to clean the feeder. It’s an open-tray design that holds up to 8 cups of seeds. Recycled poly lumber is used for the feeder. This material doesn’t let the tray crack, split, or fade and makes the feeder eco-friendly.

Tray lies on two black slats which are attached to the feeder at the bottom. The underside h/as an open concept to prevent moisture build-up and keep seeds fresh.

There are drainage holes for rain to seep out from the tray.

The product is overall great and doesn’t have an apparent functionality issue.

This is a bird-shaped feeder for your mourning doves. The life-like squirrel features keep the actual squirrels away. It comes in brown color and weighs about 1.5 lbs. A tray is made on the squirrel’s bushy tail to serve any ground-feeding birds.

However, this feeder holds fewer seeds than a usual bird feeder. It has an open design so you can easily fill the tray with seeds. Woodland’s feeder certainly has a unique design and will look well placed in the garden or patio.

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It will also make for a great gift and fun activity prop for children. You can buy this feeder for about $21.

Woodlink’s 3 in 1 feeder is so named because it is mounted on a pole, hung from a tree, or used as a ground feeder. Other than doves, it attracts goldfinches, bluebirds, jays, cardinals, and more.

This is a handcrafted feeder carved in natural cedar. It is made from reforested, kiln-dried, inland red cedar. The bottom is powder-coated and made of metal with drainage ability.  It is easy to clean and can be placed on the ground using its folded metal legs.

The sturdy, screwed construction of this feeder makes it last for years. Capacity can vary based on the seeds used but it generally holds 3 pounds of mixed seeds. 

Since this feeder is made from cedar, it could have splits near screws if the wood turns out too soft. Also, this is a wide tray that could make the seeds stick to the surface if the rain doesn’t drain out properly.

Overall, it has a high rating from buyers. You can get this for about $38 on Amazon.

Birds Choice feeder attracts a variety of birds including mourning doves, Chickadees, woodpeckers, towhees, titmice, etc.

This feeder has a house-like roof to protect the seeds and birds from outside weather. It has plenty of space for many birds to perch and eat at the same time.

The removable screen bottom is great for drainage and adds an extra layer of protection. The poly lumber construction material makes the feeder last for a long. It comes completely attached and ready to hang.

This feeder gives an unobstructed view to the readers, is easy to install, and is durable.

You can set it on the ground, but it might not be that stable as instead of legs, it has metal slabs. It is a bit heavy and small too so doesn’t have space for a lot of seeds. The feeder is a little pricey too. You can buy it for about $64.

Solution4Patio’s feeder is made with insect and rot-resistant premium cedar, durable vinyl-coated hanging wires, and water-based preservative and stain. The screws are made of stainless steel. It has a detachable roof which makes it easy to fill and has a holding capacity of 82 oz.

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You can hang it, mount it, or flange mounts the bottom as well. Along with many different seeds like sunflower, safflower, and more, this feeder can hold suet cakes in suet cages so more birds can feed on them.

Cedarwood makes it sturdy and resistant to twisting and warping. The detachable roof makes it easy to clean as well. A rectangular base will allow for more birds to perch.

However, if the wood is soft and not as sturdy as mentioned, the feeder can break down soon enough. So, that is a risk you need to be prepared for. Also, some birds could be repelled by the smell of cedar.

This one by Solution4Patio is a decorative as well as a functional bird feeder. It is built in a bench swing style for unique aesthetics. Powder-coated mesh bottom is for easy drainage to keep seeds dry. The mesh bottom also makes the bird droppings fall away and makes cleaning easy.

This one attracts doves, pigeons, and other wild birds as well. The material used is cedar with treated screws and brads. The exterior is painted as a layer of protection.

This feeder has a double feeding trough. It can be washed directly under a tap. This swing-style feeder is 15.2 by 7.7 inches and so holds a large capacity for feeding birds. You can put peanuts, seeds, and fruits as well. The extra-large size can accommodate several birds.

One drawback is that this feeder also attracts squirrels. So, if you are particular about feeding birds, this could be an issue. The paint coating might wear off depending on what region you live in. It has been given a good rating by users. Since it is made up of woods, it can split and break.

This feeder is lightweight so you can hang it easily on a tree.

You can buy it for $30 – $40.