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How To Attract Birds In Texas – Detailed guide

Mackenzie Gary



Have you ever enjoyed birding in Texas? For bird watching, different formalities are to be completed. But how to attract the birds in Texas with various tips and techniques? As everyone is attracted towards the safe space. So that various bird species feel thirsty for food, water, and good location. You need to be focused on bird requirements for your desolation farm. 

Surely, some plants and bird feeders make your backyard charming. According to the Texas environment, you will select the seeds for your desired birds. Undoubtedly, birds feel scared of humans, and you should know how to treat them friendly. Perhaps, this article will cover how to attract birds, types of food, and the kind of plants they require. 

So without wasting your time, let’s read and find your best solutions.

Tips to attract birds in Texas

Every person wants to attract birds in different ways. Yet, food, shelter, and water are common ones. But trying unique ways is more beneficial than sticking to common tips. Let’s read about various techniques to attract the birds in texas. 


Food is familiar for every species. But variety matters a lot to get birds in your backyards. Species want a mixture of seeds and grains. However, milo, millets, nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, safflower seeds are the best food for flying species. Also, quality seeds are fresh and high in oil content. Besides, more inferior seeds are dry and have a low oil range. Shortly, birds depart the feeders of cheaper seeds. 

Ground cover

Ground cover is essential for every bird because they desire greenery. Birds like plants as food. However, they also get lots of rodents, insects, and flower nectar from grasses. Flying species sit on the low perches or wire and stare on the ground for food. In this instance, try to grow grass to attract the birds in the Texas yard. This will be cheerful for them to live in an environment-friendly place.


Trees are common for shelter and food. No matter, trees are smaller or larger but birds’ favorite ones for birds. Oak trees, pines, sweetgum, and maple are preferable to grow. However, some birds like the houses, and others make cavities in tree wood. The plants or trees give a high nutrition food to stay in your backyard. 


Shrubs are for shy and conscious birds. As dogwood and hawthorn are tall shrubs in Texas. While wax myrtles are low shrubs. Doves always prefer these plants for making their endless nests. Shrubby plants not only protect the birds from predators but also birds get nectar from flowers. This is another tip that grows shrubby plants and gets a number of birds in Texas.


Water is a need to hydrate the body. So if you want to know How To Attract Birds in Texas, then fix the water bath. Hummingbirds love the sugar water. Birds enjoy bathing to clean their feet and beaks.  In this instance, fountains and water baths must be fixed in gardens. 

Even if you don’t refill the water bath, then lots of birds will relocate to another place. That is why you must be attentive to provide them hygienic bathing and drinking access. Besides, Mist and drop water systems are another way to attract them. Basically, they adore the thrilling sound. However, maximum birds want to hover near the mist. 

Feeders access

Mostly, birds feel satisfied and protect themselves from predators with feeders’ choice. Various birds roam around thistle feeders, and others feel secure with tube feeders. Tray feeders are always used to attract mourning doves. 

Nectar plants

Birds like the sweet taste of nectar and want to live in flowering backyards. Sage, lantana, verbena plants are nectar-producing and attract hummingbirds. Also, trees have flowers to give to fulfill birds’ requirements. Maximum birds in flocks can visit your Texas backyards to get nectar and may live permanently. 

Predators free yard

Large cats, snakes, and owls find the small creature for food. Indeed, predators cannot be suitable for cardinals, woodpeckers, and other species. Birds feel danger in the predator zone and never want to come into the farm. They give louder calls when they feel in danger. This sound helps other birds avoid the area. Even they ignore food, shelter, and water to save their lives. So, it’s important to make your yard predators free.

Types of birds in Texas and ways to attract them

Many types of birds adjust in Texas due to environmental conditions, shelters, and food. Undoubtedly, each bird has a different appearance, color, and shape. Some birds have crests, and some are not. Same, species of birds like seeds and some of them prefer insects. Blue herons, woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, and many other birds select Texas. Also, Golden-fronted Woodpeckers, Northern flicker, Eastern phoebe, Verdin, Carolina prefer this city.

Let’s see bird types, appearance, and ways to attract them in Texas. 

Carolina chickadees

Carolina chickadee is a smaller bird with the black, white, and greyish color of the body. Its beak is thicker but not bigger like a Cardinals. The tail of this bird is longer to maintain the balance of the small body. These species are curious to find the right place. 

They prefer to live around evergreen gardens, parks, and woodlands. Due to their ascorbic behavior, they want a hole in the wood of the trees. Otherwise, a small hole of birdhouses and tube feeders attracts them in Texas. A good thing about chickadees is that they move in a group. 

In this way, they find out the food easily. For How To Attract The Birds In Texas, loving tube food feeder and deciduous plants. 

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Chickadee’s food:

  • Black oil sunflowers
  • Safflowers seeds
  • Striped sunflower seeds

Loggerhead shrike

Loggerhead shrike is a large bird but smaller than a mourning dove. However, the color of this bird is gray, black, and white. Long and rounded-tailed birds with dark black eyes grab the attention of Texas people. Hooked bills help them to grasp the food strongly.

Furthermore, these birds like to sit on wires and perch to look at food items. These birds have the specialty of hovering like hummingbirds but for a shorter time. Ground cover and shrubs attract them in Texas because they want insects. They don’t like feeders and birdhouses but want open nests. 

Loggerhead shrike food:

  • Insects
  • Rodents

Northern cardinals

Northern cardinals look larger due to their long tail. Its stronger bill and crest on the head make them more adorable. Males Northern cardinals are overall red with black contrast and females are overall yellowish with red contrast. Younger cardinals have greyish beaks. The tail of these birds helps them to hold their posture while sitting on branches. 

North cardinals choose shrubs and trees to take some rest. These birds usually want to go to places of greenery, gardens, backyards, and tree areas. Mostly they desire to make their nest on trees. The environment of Texas is suited for them. Cactus, shrubs, and trees plants should be must to attract them. 

Also, they want tray feeders to live year-round in Texas. The behavior of these birds toward the houses is not satisfactory. They like to live in open places and prefer the bushes nests. The voices of these birds are attractive and catch the concentration of Texas people. 

Cardinals food:

  • Safflower seed
  • Sunflower seeds 

House finches

House finches’ plain and plumage color become the reason for appeal. These smaller finches with notched tails keep them attentive on perches. Hence, these birds fly energetically, freely, and playfully. Furthermore, these birds are social and enjoy being in groups

House finches prefer seeds to eat with their conical beak. There are simple ways to attract them to Texas farms. Just trees, ground grass, and feeders allow them to select the backyard for an enduring stay. Even, these species have no choice of feeders because they pick the food from the ground also. 

Regardless, wooden houses on top of trees attract these birds in Texas. 

Food of house finches:

  • White millets
  • Nyjer seeds
  • Safflower seed
  • Sunflower seeds

Dark-eyed junco 

Before knowing about How To Attract Birds In Texas, junco appearance matters a lot. The dark-eyed junco is a special bird due to color differences. Both males and females have beautiful slate and Oregon shades. The upper body of the male is gray, and the lower side is white. 

Furthermore, the female hood is dark brown, and the overall body is lighter brown with white below. Junco is smaller in size and has attractive dark eyes. Both stronger beaks and feathery tails are long. They have a habit of hopping on the ground near the trees and shrubs. 

Usually, they don’t like feeders and discover their food from the ground. Not just this, but junco birds also prefer to make their nest on the bottom rather than trees or vines. They just prefer woody areas and choose Texas during winters.

Food of dark-eyed junco:

  • White millets
  • Milo
  • Corn
  • Safflower seeds
  • Nyjer seeds 

American goldfinch

American goldfish are smaller with a small notched tail. Breeding males are attractive due to their yellow and black color. The non-breeding male color is yellowish-brown and black. Additionally, the notched tail of these birds helps to stable them, and fasten their speed during flying. 

Still, these active birds roam around the seeds in tube feeders. Yet, the goldfinch is very flexible in flying due to its lightweight. They like weeds to cling to. To attract American goldfish in Texas backyard, grow the asters and thistle plants in orchids. Shortly, you can only see these birds when you grow weeds in your orchid. 

American goldfinch food:

  • Milo
  • Nyjer
  • Safflower seed
  • Sunflower seeds 

Northern Mockingbird

Northern mockingbirds are grey and white. The upper part is greyish, while the lower part is whitish. These are not smaller like Carolina chickadees. They don’t like groups or flocks but prefer to live alone. Sometimes they need company and wander in a pair. 

They cannot share their houses with another bird and feel aggressive to defend against their territory. Long-tails help them to maintain the posture on shrubs, perches, and trees.  Suet feeders and nests attract northern mockingbirds in Texas. Importantly, they build their nest on foliage plants. 

Food of northern mockingbirds:

  • Safflower
  • Milo

Blue Jay

Blue Jay is a beautiful bird due to its constant body color and a black necklace around the neck. The wings, crest, and above the tail is blue, while the lower side is shiny white. Perhaps, the beak of this bird is long, strong, and thicker to hold seeds. These birds are bigger than cardinals. 

Indeed, the sound of this bird is louder. Blue Jay are aggressive birds and give louder calls for threat. Besides, blue jay feels jealous of other birds and shows their combativeness. Moreover, they feel satisfied with tray feeders and also want trees to stay. Mostly oak trees are a good answer for How To attract Birds In Texas.

Food for blue jay:

  • Corn
  • Milo
  • Safflower seed 
  • Black oil sunflower seeds

Tufted titmouse 

These birds fall in the category of small ones but look larger than chickadees. Mainly they like groups and feel happy with various smallest bird species. Food feeders and cavities in trees are birds’ favorite. The appearance of the tufted titmouse is beautiful because of its white and silvery gray color. 

Indeed, the upper part is dark, while the bottom is white. A small crest and neck make them more alluring. Bill is strong to crush the seeds. In other words, these birds are acrobatic and friendly to chickadee and woodpeckers.

Best seeds for tufted titmouse:

  • Safflower seeds
  • Striped sunflower
  • Black oil sunflower seeds 

Downy Woodpecker

White spots on the black wings of downy woodpeckers improve their beauty. Tail is not like cardinals and goldfinches.  Yet, wings, heads, and upper tails are black, while the other part is white. They desire trees and weeds in farms. Yet, they want holes in trees to live. 

Although, the summer season is happier for them and they make sounds. Also, the flight style of this downy woodpecker is special. Suet feeders, sunflower seeds, and spaces in trees attract them in Texas.

Mourning dove

Grey-peachy mourning doves are just like pigeons. Furthermore, the tail is longer to adjust the posture on perches. One of the best specialties is that they fly fast. Moreover, the most promising territory of a dove is trees for nesting. They give mourning calls in the backyard of Texas.

Shorter beaks of doves prefer:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Safflower seeds
  • Milo 
  • White millets
  • Corn

Redheaded woodpecker

Red-Headed Woodpeckers are larger than cardinals and chickadees. However, Shorter but influential tails help them to fly fast. They prefer trees and insects. However, food feeders and insects help to attract red-headed woodpeckers in Texas. 

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Plants to attract birds in Texas

Plants attract the birds due to food and shelters. Birds can save their nestling and fledgling from extreme temperatures. Also, get lots of caterpillars and insects from the trees. However, many types of plants are native to Texas. But you will get information about some basic native plants.  

Texas sage

Texas sage herbaceous plants are perennial. Leaves are green, and flowers are purplish-blue. This plant provides a safe nesting place. Furthermore, insects roam around these plants and become the food of cardinals, blue jay, and mockingbirds. Birds of Texas hover around sage due to its nectar also. 

These plants can tolerate extreme temperatures, and also grow on slopes and hillsides. These plants are suitable for your backyard because of the less consumption of water. Surely, you know about How to Attract Birds In Texas with sage.

Texas ash

Texas ash is a perennial small tree. The leaves of these plants are deciduous and autumn foliage. Basically, Texas native ash plants consume less water and grow on rock-sandy soils. Samara fruit is a specialty of this plant to attract maximum birds. Birds make their shelters on this tree and use it as food. Woodpeckers, mourning doves, northern flickers, and finches love this plant.


The maple tree is famous in Texas due to its leaves color. Birds make their nests on the red, yellow, and orange trees. Samaras and seeds are another reason for birds to make territory for a long time. Downy Woodpeckers and American goldfinch attract in Texas due to maple trees. 


Sweetgum is a native Texas perennial tree. These trees are special for flowers and seeds. Also, the appearance of the male flower is different from the female one. Fruits are like balls, and seeds are present on trees. Moreover, these plants provide shade to birds’ nests. Shortly, plants get lots of benefits in every season from these plants. Dark-eyed junco, gold, and house finches usually visit the trees for shelter.


Hackberry trees are perennial and seed-producing plants. The color of the flower is red, which attracts woodpeckers. Leaves are large and rough with reticulate venation. The best place to grow this tree is fertile and moist soil. Due to the sweet taste of berries, birds attract in the backyard of Texas.


Oak trees are also perennial with deciduous leaves. The blooms of this tree are white and green. Moreover, this tree also fruit-producing plants. Mainly, fruits of oak are in nut form. Moreover, leaf shades are darker and lighter. Not just this, but also birds make their living cavities on oak plants and enjoy nuts. These are the best plants to attract woodpeckers, northern flickers, and tufted titmouse.

Dog wood

A small dogwood tree is a flowering plant to entice species toward the nectar. Various insects use the nectar from red, pink, and white flowers. In this way, birds fulfill their needs also. Northern cardinals and northern flickers make their shelters within leaves.


The tallest pine trees are best for some aspects. Majorly, this evergreen tree is safe for mourning doves for nesting. Some birds love to eat cones, and some want to make shelters. Still, chickadee and dove attract in the pine trees Texas backyard.

How to attract birds in Texas for birding?

Surely, it’s very easy to attract the birds in Texas for birding. Just give them an environmentally friendly area, Safe space, and seeds-producing plants. You can get lots of knowledge of How To Attract Birds In Texas.

Friendly environment

Pollution may cause a severe impact on birds’ health. Their respiratory system will be harmed. Moreover, temperature also influences birds badly. In this instance, they need a place of plants to live merrily. Undoubtedly, trees are a natural source of fresh oxygen and protect species from harsh weather. 

For birding, you need to care about the surroundings of birds. Sometimes, they can prefer the food, and you will enjoy birding for a shorter time. Otherwise, birds feel scared without trees.

Safe space

As birds want a place where they are supposed to be safe and protected. Definitely, trees work as a canopy. You can fix the birdhouses to make birds happier and charming. Hence, predator-free areas attract them in Texas. Birds’ houses should be hanging on trees where no one attacks them. If birds get all requirements of food and location, then definitely they feel it is a safe space. In this way, you will enjoy bird watching. 

Seed producing plants

Sometimes, the feeders are empty, and you wanna see the birds closely. Then seed-producing plants can work in the yard. No doubt, seeds are the primary source to attract them in Texas. So, oak, maple, and pines can work efficiently for birding. 

What can I feed wild birds in Texas

Wild birds are beautiful and improve the charm of the backyard. Perhaps, they want various food materials for a healthy life. Some food items are discussed below:


Milo is well known as sorghum and dark reddish in color. The size of seeds is larger than millets. All types of birds do not like milo. Just finches, doves, mockingbirds, and junco love these grains. Actually, these grains are a rich source of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. So, birds attract in Texas, if milo grains are mixed with other seeds. Tray and thistle feeders are suitable for milo. 

Millets grains

Millet grains are smaller and two in color. White and red millets are a good source of calories, fibers, fats, and proteins for cardinals. Doves and juncos get high nutrition from these seeds. Surely, the taste of grains is very appealing, and birds get calcium from these grains. 


Insects are the best food for different birds. Insects provide high nutrition with rich amounts of calories and fats. Birds eat the insect and strengthen their muscles due to protein intake. The damaged cells were repaired, which is helpful for active and fast flying. Flies, mosquitoes, mealworms, grasshoppers liked by cardinals, chickadees, and woodpeckers. 


To get protein and fibers, birds attract corn grains. Vitamins, antioxidants, and fats can help the birds to keep active in extreme conditions. However, this is not a long-term favorite for birds. But they use these corns when they want to try different food. Just dove, junco, and blue jay want the corn grain in Texas. Corns are exact answers for How To Attract Birds In Texas.


Seeds are highly likable for birds. Every species wants seeds, even in feeders and on trees. Seeds not only provide the birds with warmth but also are a big source of food. Sunflower, safflower, and nyjer seeds are most popular in Texas for birds. However, Cardinals, woodpeckers, house finches, junco, chickadees, and loggerhead shrikes love the seeds. 

Best  birds seeds for Texas

There are some common best seeds for Texas birds. By eating the seeds, they can fly and hover. So, some seeds are discussed below:

Nyjer seeds

Nyjer or thistle seeds are black and tiny with high nutritional energy. Birds enjoy these seeds to gain high calories and rich oil. These seeds are winter food for house finches and American goldfinches in Texas. Furthermore, birds get protein for the proper functioning of body cells. Still, thistle and mesh feeders of nyjer seeds entice the birds.

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Striped sunflower

Striped sunflower seeds provide proteins to birds. The shell of seeds is easily breakable for cardinals, chickadees, and woodpeckers. These grains are good to get high energy because of fatty oil. Besides, smaller and weaker bills will drop in fights with these seeds. However, captivate the strong bill birds in your Texas with striped sunflower seeds. Tube and tray feeders will be suitable for these grains. 

Black oil sunflower

Black oil sunflower seeds are a favorite for a variety of birds. Like striped seeds, black oil seeds also have fatty oil content. These grains warm the birds and provide instant energy for activeness. Shell is easy to remove for stiff bill birds. For easy survival in winters, birds prioritize black oil sunflower seeds to get fats. Commonly, finches and woodpeckers use these seeds in winters. 

Safflower seeds

Safflower is a beautiful red, orange and yellowish color plant. Plants not only attract the birds but also species like their seeds. Seeds are shaped like sunflowers but these are smaller. The shell of seeds is difficult to break for small and weak bill birds. However, Tufted titmouse, downy woodpecker, and house finch want these seeds in backyards. 

Best birds feeders to attract maximum birds

In the number of feeders, there are few ones that attract maximum birds. Let’s take a glance at various feeders. 

Hummingbirds feeders

Hummingbirds have a sharp long beak. However, the feeders are special for them. Their feeders are like a hanging glass bottle to fill water. As hummingbirds hover around the bottle to get sweet water. Yet colors attract them, so they find the feeders quickly. Brighter the color of the flowers, the more nectars they get. Definitely, the colors of the bottle impact birds to attract. 

Window glass feeders

For bird watching, window glass feeders are best. These feeders are transparent, and you can observe the birds easily. Window feeders grab the attention of maximum birds. The trays are fixed to place various seeds. However, one specialty of this feeder is easy to clean. If you want to know more about How To Attract Birds In Texas, then come on next feeders. 

Brome birds feeders

Some squirrels attack on seeds and birds remain hungry. Mostly, tray feeders attract the squirrel. But Brome bird feeders are easily hangable in any place. Yet, these feeders are rust-proof. Sunflowers seeds are filled up easily, and maximum birds can enjoy the food.

Kind of birds feeders to work in Texas

According to Texas weather, it’s vital to select the feeders that work for a long time. Some of them are following:

Thistle feeders

Perches are attached to the thistle feeders to give the sitting place.  Birds mostly grasp the perches’ loops and pick the nyjer seed. These feeders have small openings and are best for tiny grains. Placing this feeder near the trees and shrubs is best for woodpeckers to easily access. Numbers of birds attract in Texas due to this large and filled feeder.

Tube feeders

Tube feeders look beautiful in the backyard. Also, it is transparent and easy to wash. Large numbers of seeds are filled in these feeders. Not just this, but also this is best for sunflower seeds. Flocks of birds attract toward this affluent in Texas. Mostly smaller birds like this type of feeders. 

Hopper feeders

Species that love the bird’s houses must attract to the backyard because of hopper feeders. The structure of these feeders is adorable for a number of birds. Also, according to the Texas environment, these are durable and easy to fill. Cardinals, woodpeckers, and junco like it. Yet, you will see a number of colorful birds around the hopper feeders. 

Platform feeders

Platform feeders are best to attract a large number of birds. Basically, this feeder is used for a mixture of seeds. Mostly mourning doves and cardinals pick this one. Indeed, placing it near the shrubs is helpful for easy picking for large birds. Besides, these feeders are not suitable for hanging on top of trees. Ground-level will be more appropriate. 

Best food to serve to attract the birds in Texas

A desire for food matters to know How To Attract Birds In Texas. Below are some foods to attract blue herons, red-tailed hawks, and barn swallows. 

Fresh grains

Grains must be fresh for getting energy and nutrition. However, you must be aware of what kind of grains are likable for different species. 


Fish is mostly available in oceans. But for birding, you may need to attract the blue herons. Regardless, you can place the fish piece in tray feeders. Keep in mind, small birds feel danger from blue herons. 


Rodents best for red-tailed hawks. Basically, in backyards and orchids, mice are commonly present. However, for the watching of hawks, rodents are a must. 


Flies become the food of barn swallows and cardinals. Mostly, butterflies and moths might be the best food to serve to various birds.

How to attract birds to my bird feeder in Texas?

If bird feeders are full of grains, then birds can surely captivate. But some points are to be noted to allure them. 

Fix feeders carefully

Some feeders do not hang on the trees concisely. However, birds feel uneasy about picking the grains. In this instance, feeders fall on the ground and birds feel uneasy from predators. Accordingly, fix it carefully. 

Check feeders regularly

Regular checking of feeders helps the birds stay for a long time. They will only captivate if the feeders are full. 

Grow plants

Flowering and seeds producing plants also attract species toward the feeders indirectly. During the flowering season, birds eat from plants. Although to keep them in the garden, feeders are another attractive source. Birds also like plants and want to live in your yard due to feeder grains also. 

Clean feeders 

Neat and clean feeders protect the birds from various diseases. Although this is another way to captivate the birds around your feeders.


In short, it is surely a helpful article about How To Attract Birds In Texas. Thus, you have read the best seeds, native Texas plants, and techniques to attract birds. As the favorite food of birds is seeds, milo, and millets. Actually many types of species are Texas native and blue herons like fishes. 

Birds’ bills are stronger enough to break the shelled seeds. Moreover, your knowledge of birds’ colors and appearance is also enhanced with this article. Texas species want long trees such as maple and pines for food and shelter also. You can fix the feeders under trees or near shrubs for birds.