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Attracting 16 Types Of Humming Birds In Florida – Detailed Guide

Mackenzie Gary



Do you also love sighting hummingbirds? If yes, you should consider visiting Florida at least once in your life. There are more than 300 different species of hummingbird, but you can find 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida, including some of the rarest hummingbirds in the world. You can find up to 13 different rare hummingbirds in central Florida.

Also, many people want to know that are hummingbirds in Florida year round? Or do they come for a specific period? The answer to it varies from different types of hummingbirds in Florida. One of them spends their entire life span without migrating even once throughout the year. However, most of them visit Florida in March Spring. Thus, if you wish to sight hummingbirds either rare or regular, you can hardly find a spot better than Florida.

Similarly, each type of hummingbird in Florida has varying patterns of visiting and leaving this state. So, here we are going to discuss all 16 of these types of hummingbirds including how you can attract them in different seasons.

So, the following is the list of all 16 Hummingbirds you can spot in Florida with the categorization of rare and common birds.

Rarely Spotted Hummingbirds Found in Florida

Most hummingbirds do not live in Florida. Neither for permanent residence nor for migration. However, they use Florida as their migration route. This way, these birds spend a few days or weeks here. Plus, there are also a few birds that do all the migration in one flight and that makes it even trickier. Nevertheless, it is a slight chance of spotting them, it is still possible to attract them to your backyard and we have listed all those 13 types of hummingbirds that are very rarely seen in Florida.

  1. Broad-Tailed Hummingbird
  2. Allen’s Hummingbird
  3. Anna’s Hummingbird
  4. Bahama Woodstars Hummingbird
  5. Buff Bellied Hummingbird
  6. Broad Billed Hummingbird
  7. Antillean Crested Hummingbird
  8. White Eared Hummingbird
  9. Green Violetears Hummingbird
  10. Green Breasted Mango Hummingbird
  11. Blue Throated Hummingbird
  12. Costa’s Hummingbird
  13. Rivoli’s Hummingbird

1. Broad Tailed Hummingbird

As its name indicates, this bird is gifted with a beautiful broad feathered tail, and this tail also makes it unique from other hummingbirds. Other than that, its back is also covered with attractive green feathers that can catch your attention even in between several birds. Talking about male ones, their throats are slightly pinkier in colour. These are medium-sized birds and an average Broad-tailed Hummingbird usually weighs between 2.8-4.5g. 

The Broad-Tailed Hummingbirds can only be found in the South East of Florida, and they are one of the few Hummingbirds that are also native to this land and spend their entire lifespan here. 

During mating season, the male hummingbirds make their nests. After that, they wait for females in their domains, and male ones mostly attract several female hummingbirds, and once they mate with each other, the female hummingbirds stay there to lay eggs, and male hummingbirds leave the territory in search of a new one. 

Getting a chance to see hummingbirds in southwest Florida is quite rare. Yet, if you want to stretch the probability of seeing one, then you should consider having some sugar water feeders set up in your garden along with several tubular flowers. Since they love tubular flowers for their feed, the higher the number more the chances would increase for you to attract one to your garden. 

2. Allen’s Hummingbird

Allen’s Hummingbirds are usually equal to a sparrow-sized bird or slightly smaller than them. Their small body weights around 2-4 grams and with the wingspan, these little birds stretch their length to around 11 cm. 

Talking about colours, they are mostly covered in green and slightly coppery orange colour on the overall body. And have a contrasting deep reddish-orange and bronze-green colour on their bellies to make them stand out. 

For feeding, they do not stick with a particular feed. Still, they prefer natural feeding. Usually, they like to zip from flower to flower and look for the nectar in flowers. Moreover, their feed is not limited to flowers, but they also pluck insects from vegetation and fly to catch them in mid-air. 

If you are looking forward to a chance to spot them, Mexico’s North upper would be one of the best spots for you to wait for them because they usually like mild temperatures. Other than that, these are also seen quite frequently on the West Coast and Texas. However, a small number of them also migrate towards Florida, and to stretch the chances of spotting one to max would be to look for them in the Eastern part of it. 

To attract one to your garden, get dry vegetation in your feeder, and having open woodland, shrubs, or bushes would be a great bonus. 

3. Anna’s Hummingbird

Not long ago, in the 20th century, Anna’s Hummingbirds were only spotted in Southern and Northern Baja California. But as the planting of exotic flowering trees increased worldwide, they also extended their breeding range. And it is the only bird to extend its breeding range among all of the 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida

For spotting them, the Eastern part of the US is said to be the most ideal spot. Other than that, Mexico and a few specific areas of Canada are also some of the best zones to set up your garden for attracting Anna’s Hummingbirds. However, if you are living in Florida, then the odds of seeing one of these cute birds are very low because they do not visit Florida much frequently or have great numbers. 

Yet, to draw their attention to any backyard of the world, the method stays the same. Firstly, make sure you get the bird feeder that is specially designed for hummingbirds, and they are not going to cost much either. Then, add some feed with 1 portion sugar to 4 portions of water. Also, keep in mind that Anna’s Hummingbirds like natural feed. Therefore, avoid using artificially coloured feed and honey.

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Getting one bird of this kind to your backyard will not be a piece of cake. But, remember if you get one or two, then there is a high chance that they will start visiting your feeders daily. It’s because Anna’s Hummingbirds do not migrate much, and most of them spend a whole year in a specific area only if they get comfortable. 

4. Bahama Woodstars Hummingbird

These birds are much smaller in size, and they also weigh much lighter as compared to their sibling species averaging only 2.9 grams. Moreover, all Bahama Woodstars either male, female or immature are covered with the same colours. They are found in slightly dark gold and green feathers. 

Seeing them in any province of the US is a rare chance to have. Still, if you have access to any of Florida’s Pine Forests, you can be one of those lucky people to see one. Because they mostly prefer to live in forests with the natural environment rather than a city full of unnatural sounds. 

However, if you are looking for a chance to draw one of Bahama Woodstar’s attention to your garden, then get yourself prepared for the upcoming April. Since April is their breeding season, the male birds set various displays for the females, and these are also called Shuttle Displays. 

Especially for people in Florida, the duration of late summer to early autumn can be a golden opportunity for you to spot one. Since it is the time when most of them migrate to this state. But, remember they stay in Florida temporarily, and that makes it even harder.

5. Buff Bellied Hummingbird

Like most other types of hummingbirds in Florida, they are also small-sized bird with an average length of 10-11 cm and usually weighs around 2-4 grams only. 

Overall, they have a slightly duller colour pattern on feathers. Adult ones have a buff belly with mixed blue-green breasts and throats. Since they are in dark shades, they may appear grey in less sunlight. Plus, a long striking red bill with a black tip and rufous tail makes it even more beautiful. However, the young ones have greyish breasts along with dark bills. 

To attract them to your backyard, try to keep it open with a natural environment. Moreover, talking about food, Buff-Bellied Hummingbirds react are mostly very serious about their feeding resources. Therefore, to protect it, they can react in both defensive and aggressive manner. Thus, it is the most reactive hummingbird among all 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida.

In Florida, they arrive here outside the breeding season only. Yet, for the ones looking for a chance, wait till winter. After that, you should move towards the North-West part of this state for the highest chance of seeing one. 

These birds are so rare that there is not much research on them. That’s why there are not many techniques to attract them to your garden, but they like to have nectar and insects, so having these two in a nice hummingbird’s feeder can increase your chances. 

6. Broad Billed Hummingbird

This types of hummingbirds in Florida have a unique hobby among all 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida. Instead of relying on insects in plants and most feeders, they like to search for their food in meadows and canyons. Following this, they eat their meal after some hard work. 

Even though these birds are not locals in Florida, they can be spotted there. Still, they do not migrate here in large numbers, but if you are motivated to attract them to your garden, there is a good chance you can get one or two. 

Mostly, their migration takes place in the winter season because Florida’s winter is perfect for their life. Moreover, they are usually seen in the western part of Florida. 

Since they do not stay in Florida for long, they are not the ideal birds to attract to your garden because they are not going to last for long terms. Yet, if you are motivated to see them at least once in your lifetime, you should use a sugar-water feeder without using any artificial colours or taste. Other than that, they also like bright coloured flowers, so having a vast number of them is a must in your garden. 

7. Antillean Crested Hummingbird

Speaking about Antillean Crested Hummingbirds, they are vagrants in Florida. However, they are locals of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda. Unlike many other Hummingbirds, they like flying in developed areas such as public parks and gardens. 

Even if you draw their attention to your feeders in the garden, they are not much creative and playable with humans as compared to other Hummingbirds. So, if you want a bird to play within your garden, this might not be the one for you.

Among them, the male Antillean Crested Hummingbirds are known for their unique feathers in the group of 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida. At the head that would resemble a Mohawk or spiky style. The feathers on their head are grey. Moreover, their back is entirely covered with olive-green feathers. However, in a bad light, it may look completely grey. 

When it comes to bringing them to your garden, this hummingbird has very different priorities. They like to have a natural environment, and since they like to have insects from plant foods, having trees would be beneficial for you. Other than that, having colourful flowers along with a high amount of sugar would be a great addition to your collection for getting some of these species to take interest in your backyard. 

8. White Eared Hummingbird

White Eared Hummingbirds are quite distinctive in colours and feathers as compared to other hummingbirds. Firstly, as you can already tell from the name, they have a white line of feathers on both sides of their face that look exactly like ears. Other than that, their face is entirely covered with black masked feathers. Moreover, the reddish base to the bill adds beauty to this bird’s face. 

The males are usually violet and green. Meanwhile, females have breasts with green spots and a pale throat. 

If you are living in Mexico, then you might be one of those lucky people to see this bird because they can be spotted there almost all year round. In contrast, for Florida locals, it might not be that easy for you. They are rarely seen in Florida, and they only use it for their migrating route. Therefore, they stay here in the month of November only. 

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Usually, they like to stay in forests or places with an abundance of trees. Therefore, if you are willing to see one, you may have to go to some areas having many pine oak trees. Plus, consistent rain will also increase your chance because they do not migrate during heavy rains and stay within that area. 

9. Green Violetears Hummingbird

Unlike most types of hummingbirds in Florida, these are medium sized birds, and their average size is between 4.25 — 4.5 inches in length. The male Green Violetears hummingbirds have natural grass green feather that turns into gradient bronze from head to upper tail feathers. 

Furthermore, they have a long tail that ends with a square shape coloured in a dark blue band. 

These birds are native of North America and spend most of the year there. Other than that, they can also be sighted in Mexico in vast numbers. Moreover, birds with a vagrant mindset are likely to migrate from Mexico or North America to the tropical region of South America. This way, they get to Florida. Since they do not arrive here for mating, they are not in large number. 

The ones who get to Florida are likely not to mate with any other bird. Still, to get their attention to your garden you should get a special feeder for hummingbirds and try to plant as many flowering trees as possible because they love moving around them in search of nectar and are also seen hanging on their flowers while eating.

10. Green-Breasted Mango Hummingbird

These are one of the only large sized hummingbird between 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida. sizing around 4.3 – 4.7 inches. After wingspan, it can extend up to additional 3 – 5 inches.

Even though they are hard to find, you can easily recognize them by their unique sapphire gorget extending down till its neck. Other than the neck, they have a long black with beak and a colourful tail featuring a gradient of magenta to purple colours. In contrast, female species have slightly darker coloured feathers. 

Even though these are Mexico’s native birds, they still migrate to other parts of Panama and America including some central provinces of America. This journey of migration starts from North America and move to the south. 

Since Florida is not in their main migrating route, they do not come here. Yet, a few of them either miss the route or have a vagrant nature. This way, they end up staying in Florida for a few days. Still, sighting one of hummingbirds in central Florida will be a very rare chance. 

Usually, they like having their meal high in the canopy. However, if a garden has a natural environment, occasionally they also visit feeders with natural feed. 

11. Blue Throated Hummingbird

These birds are also known as Blue-Throated Mountain Gem and are slightly smaller than Broad-tailed Hummingbirds having an average length of around 4.3 – 4.7 inches, along with a standard weight of 8 – 9 grams, and that is about 3 times heavier than Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Even though it is a small sized bird, it is known for having long wings and a full sized tail. 

Bronzy green feathers coloured feathers are covering its top. Also, having white lines above and below the eyes to make them stand out from the class of 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida, and a blue throat. However, the female species do not have blue throats. Plus, their colours may seem slightly greyish under poor lighting. 

Discussing their region, they can be spotted in New Mexico and Arizona for breeding. Meanwhile, most of the Blue Throated Hummingbirds live in far western Texas mostly occurring near the Chisos Mountains. 

Unlike other hummingbirds, you can see them making nests near residential areas. Since they have a mountainous nature, they prefer having their nests on dry surfaces having natural overhangs to shadow the nest. Moreover, even if they migrate from your area, they are still likely to come back to the same spot after a year. 

Since they like to come back to the same nest in every migrating cycle, there is a good chance for you to attract them to your backyard. For that, use a sugar-water feeder with a ratio of 1:4 of sugar and water. Also, make sure you are not using any artificial tastemakers because they like natural feeds only. 

12. Costa’s Hummingbird

These are another small sized hummingbird. Yet, larger than Calliope Hummingbird and slightly smaller than Anna’s Hummingbird. They have a compact body with a hunched posture and a short tail that hardly meets the short wings while perching. 

In a crowd full of birds, you can distinguish Costa’s Hummingbirds by their reddish-purple gorget and cap. Furthermore, you will also notice their flanks and backs are also covered in green feathers. However, the females are not as vibrantly colourful as males and look slightly greyish, especially in darker lights. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to spot one in Florida, then you might not be at the most ideal location. They mostly live in Mexico’s desert and migrate to the Southern parts of the United States. Still, while they are migrating you can have a chance to spot one of them, and that makes it one of the most difficult hummingbirds to spot in Florida. 

However, since there’s a will, there should be a way too. Right? Firstly, plant as many flowers in your backyard as possible. Why? It’s because on average, they consume nectar from more than one thousand flowers. So, if you also have plenty of them, there is a good chance that you get to see one. It will not only increase your chance of spotting one of these lovely birds but will also enhance your garden’s beauty. 

13. Rivoli’s Hummingbird

Like most other hummingbirds, its length is also between 4.3-5.5 inches and weighs around 7 -8 grams. However, it has longer wings and a broader tail as compared to most hummingbirds. They have green feathers above and black ones at the bottom. Moreover, in good light, a purple crown glows on them that makes this bird stand out among the crowd.

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These birds mostly spend their lives in the western part of the United States. It includes Arizona and Mexico too. Since Florida is no way near their route, the migrating Rivolis do not come to Florida. Yet, some vagrant birds make it to Florida. Therefore, it is very rare to spot one.

Still, if a Rivoli gets in Florida, it is highly unlikely that they will come to your feeder because they like to live in forest-like areas and they heavily depend on insects that they find on trees rather than artificial feeds in feeders. Now a question arises that where to where to see hummingbirds in Florida? So, to spot one, a public park can be a better choice as compared to a small backyard or feeder.

Commonly Spotted Hummingbirds Found in Florida

There are only a few types of hummingbirds in Florida that can be seen much frequently. Still, people who have spotted all 3 of them consider themselves to be very lucky. Moreover, there are also a few ways to draw their attention to your backyard such as using natural flowers along with the sugar-water feeder. Still, once they start coming to your feeders, it does not mean they will keep visiting every day for a year. They are likely to appear for a few days only. Still, that would be worth the time and effort you are putting, and the following are the details of those 3 hummingbirds.

  1. Ruby Throated Hummingbird
  2. Black Chinned Hummingbird
  3. Rufous Hummingbird

1. Ruby Throated Hummingbird:

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are slightly smaller than other sparrow sized birds sizing around 2.8 – 3.5 inches only and have an average weight of 2.8 – 3.5 grams. Moreover, they are covered in beautiful golden green and bright emerald feathers on the crown and back. Along with that, it has slight greyish underparts. Moreover, especially the male’s throat is iridescently red that looks like maroon in dark or shadow.  

This species is native to Southern Florida. They spend their entire year within Florida, and you can spot one of them very commonly. Now you might be wondering, are there Hummingbirds in Florida in the summer? Yes! It is one of those hummingbirds that stays here even in the summers. Moreover, the chance of their occurrence increased a lot during February till the last few days of October. 

They usually like to migrate at night times or during darker hours also known as Red-Eye flights. Other than that, for staying permanently, they look for open places like public parks, gardens, and backyards with great feeding options for them. 

Since Florida’s weather is ideal for them, you can attract them to your bird feeding system with ease. Firstly hang your feeder and get plenty of flowers to make your garden stand out and draw their attention. Moreover, people with craze also turn their garden into buzzing clouds every summer. 

In other words, among all 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida, it is the only one that stays here without migrating.

2. Black Chinned Hummingbird

These birds have dark coloured theme feathers all over their body. For the top, they have dull metallic green and greyish white at the bottom. Plus, have a long black pointing beak and all these in the length of 3 – 4 inches only, and by expanding their small wings, their length increases to 4 – 4.5 inches. 

Most of the Black Chinned Hummingbirds start their migration from Canada in the early days of September, and this migration takes them around 1 to 2 months. However, most of them arrive in Florida in mid-November. Even though they like Florida’s winter, they do not stay here for long and spend the ending winter days in Mexico. 

The Female birds can also be identified by their rounded tail. In contrast, male birds have purple patches on their throats. 

Since they do not stay in Florida for several months, you can not retain them to your backyard feeders. Even though most of them only visit one feeder and change their location. Yet, you would have a pretty decent chance to spot a few of them during mid-winters in Florida. For that, you should put as many nectar sources as possible because that is the only item that acts like glitter in their eyes. 

3. Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbirds are small sized birds mostly seen in 2.8 – 3.5 inches in length weighing 2 – 5 grams. Moreover, this beautiful body is coloured in bright orange feathers on the belly and back. Moreover, their throats are vividly red throats. 

Among all 16 Types of Humming Birds in Florida, it has the longest route of migration. They start their journey from Northern Alaska and make it to Mexico. In between, they stay in different areas for a few days. Nevertheless, you can easily spot hummingbirds in Southwest Florida quite frequently. 

They come to Florida in the winter season, and among all places, the Everglades National Park is the hotspot to find one. But also make sure that you do not get much close to them or their nest because these are known for their aggressive nature. Many people have seen them attacking squirrels recklessly when they try to approach their, or feeders. 

Now, if you are thinking that having a Rufous Hummingbird’s nest in your garden or backyard will keep all the squirrels away, let me tell you that it can work. But, they do not stay in any city for more than a week or two. Thus, it is not going to work for long. Moreover, they can not tolerate any other bird with their territory including other types of Hummingbirds. 


Sometimes, the journey is more beautiful than destiny. Even though, spotting Hummingbirds in Florida is not a common encounter to have. Yet, you have a chance, and for that, you would have to make your backyard natural, full of flowers, sugar water feeders and keep it clean. If they come to your backyard, it’s a win for you, and even if they don’t, this setup for them is likely to bring many other birds on daily basis.