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10 best Toys that budgies love to have – Guide

Mackenzie Gary

Budgies, Pet birds

Toys for budgies

Budgies are small pet birds. Toys for budgies are necessary. Some people just keep them in their homes for decoration purposes. But some caring owners take this to another level. These people treat them like their kids and take care of them in every matter.

Budgies are wild birds. Your house is not their ideal home. So to keep them healthy and happy, you have to give them some toys. You love your birds that’s why you are here to get some assistance. I will try my best to help you out in this situation.

There are thousands of toys available in the market. Here is the list of best toys for budgies that keep them busy, healthy, and happy:

  1. Flying trapeze for budgies (Must have)
  2. Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy
  3. Stainless Steel Bells
  4. Parrot Playground
  5. 8 Packs of Budgie toys (Low budget best)
  6. Bird Playground Parrot Play stand (Premium toy)
  7. Natural Living Playground , Bird Activity Center
  8. Parakeet Chewing toys
  9. 3 Training toys for Budgie
  10. 4 Pack Bird Shredder Toys

Toys are fun for birds. They keep them healthy, busy and active. Toys are children’s best companions and help them avoid their aggressive behavior. Not every toy is safe for birds. Also in some toys, your pet may not show any interest. Here we try to collect only toys that your bird will love.

Remember, like humans, birds have different tastes and preferences. One may like a particular toy and the other may ignore it. In the section below you will learn how to introduce toys and how to play with them. Which toys are harmful and which ones will they like?

Best toys for budgies (Short overview)

Here is the list of best toys for budgies and little details of pros and cons that helps you

Flying trapeze for budgies (Must have toy)

MaterialPlastic, woven seagrass

Why we like it?

The Trapeze is made in such a way that attracts the birds to take a swing on it. The mat is made of a natural material called woven seagrass. Perfect for 1 bird

The soft grassy bed provides your pet a different level of comfort. As it is made of natural, it is completely safe if your bird chews the grass. 4 colorful chains attract the bird more.

This is one of the best to provide your parakeet a natural environment. Almost every budgie loves to have it in their cage.

They will love to swing and climb on it. Most will spend 90 % of their time in this trapeze flying toy. You may be surprised that they even take nap on it.

It helps the budgie to do exercise in a fun way. He will be stimulated and get rid of depression, anxiety, and aggressive behavior

Very comfortableDifficult to clean
Safe for chewingBest for 1 bird
Great for sleeping on
Good for exercise

Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy

MaterialWooden, rope

Why to have it?

The ladder is made of natural components. If the bird chew, it is safe for him.

Budgies love these types of toys because they love to swing. You can attach this from the corner to corner in the cage. If your cage is bigger then you can also place it in vertical length.

By doing this, your parakeet will engage himself by climbing. His grip will be stronger. These exercises keep the bird mentally fit and happy. One benefit of these toys is that you don’t need to supervise. You can leave your home without any worry. It cant be hazardous for the bird.

The product you may see looks bigger. But it is not that big as advertised. If it doesn’t fit in the cage, you can attach it outside. To add more twists, you can attach one rope higher and one little lower to make it more adventurous for the parakeet.

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Good for gripMay be small for larger cage
Give your bird a Natural feel

Keersi Stainless Steel Bells Toy 

MaterialStainless steel

Why We recommend?

The sound of bells always attracts the birds. Moreover, the shiny surface adds more fruit to it. Budgies love to hear the sound. They try to discover from where it is coming.

Many types of bells can harm your pet. In some cases, their beak struck in the clapping of the bell. This bell, I am recommending because of the safety. You don’t need to always be there to look after him.

The volume is not too loud. Budgie also keep himself quiet and hear the bell sound along with

Safe may be little heavy
Nothing toxic is used Low volume
Keep your bird quite

Deloky 8 Packs of Bird Parrot 

If you are looking for cheap and good toys, Deloky 8 packs of toys are the best. It has a swing that keeps your bird in joy. Chew toys that keep the bird’s beak healthy. One toy comes along with the bell that attracts the budgie’s attention more.

One main benefit of these toys is that they are made from wood. Any toxic metal or coating is not done on them. Parakeets can chew them without any harm.

One thing you should do, remove the bell. These types of bells are struck in the beak which causes problems. For beginners, it is the best product.

Your bird will play all day long.

CheapBells may not safe
Made of natural products
Value for money

Hamiledyi Parrot Playground

Why our choice?

Less space? No problem. You can place Hamiledyi playground outside the cage on the top. The birdcage toy set includes: perch, T stand, swing, ladders, rattan ball bell chew toys.

Cheap and best for the parakeet to do exercise in a fun way. It is also made of wood which is safe for chewing. Climbing the ladder and swing helps the pet to get rid of stress.

Ibnotuiy Bird Playground Parrot Playstand (Premium toy)

CategoryPlay ground

Best playground for a group of budgies. It is large and provides good space to wander about. It keeps them busy. They will enjoy climbing. It provides them a comfortable playground.

Wood is of good quality. There is no smell, perches are safe and according to bird’s feet. There is no use of glue. All parts are assembled by hands and connected with screws.

 This playgroud consist of

  • screws
  • removable tray
  • ladder
  • bells
  • swing
  • chewing toy
  • stainless steel water cup
Large spaceOccupy more space of your room
Premium quality
No glue involved
Completely safe

Niteangel Natural Living Playground for Birds, Bird Activity Center

CategoryPlay ground

I am personally very satisfied with Niteangle playground because of its shape and the environment which it provides to the budgies. It gives a fully natural and wild feeling. Your pet will feel secure and safe.

I am sure, he will spend most of his time in the playground. it is like a circus for him. He will climb the ladder, try to pass through the ring. It feels gives him feel like in the wild.

Nothing is toxic used in the manufacturing of the playground. Wood is pure and not harmful if the bird chews. You don’t need to look after or supervise him. Ideal for one bird.

You can add some water and food feeder to it. Perches are good to the size of the feet of parakeets. Do budgies liked to be sprayed on water?

Safe for the birdFor one bird preferable
Toxic material is not used in the manfacturing

Rypet bird Chewing toys

Materialcotton rope, natural wood

Show me the parrot which doesn’t like to chew. They love to chew that’s their hobby. You can’t stop them. Even in the house the budgie attack on your furniture to chewing or any paper he finds.

There are special toys designed for chewing. Rypet bird toy is a must chew toy. There are colorful blocks on which he will climb, discover and enjoy himself. His feet and beak both get exercise in a fun way.

Ropes are cotton made. Great gift for your pet

Good for BeakDon’t last longer
Safe materials are used
Almost loved by every budgie

YUEPET 4 Pack Bird Shredder Toys

If the noise of your parakeet is disturbing you. Simply give him Yuepet shredder toys. This will keep him busy and quiet.

Not only it helps you but also helps them to get rid of depression, anxiety. Any kind of frustration they can release on these toys. It stimulates their minds.

This pack consists of 4 toys. All are made of natural vine components, Palmae bark, colorful plastic beads, and crinkle shred. There is no hazard. He will keep himself busy all day by shredding.

Keep the bird busyDon’t Last longer
No hazard

3 PCS Parrot Toys Mini Shopping Cart Training Rings Skateboard Stand Perch for Budgie

MaterialPlastic, metal

These are for intelligence and good for training budgies. There is a mini cart and skateboard on which they like to ride on. The third has a ring. Your bird will try to put it out from the bar.

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YOu have to supervise and help them to take rides on. It helps the bird to develop coordination. mentally and physically enriched. You have to help the bird to pick up the rings for the first time.

These are great toys if you are planning to spend some time with your pet. It boosts your bond and helps tame faster.

Stronger your bondHave to move skateboard yourself
Long lasting

Hanging swing

Types of budgie toys

There are some categories of toys which you should keep in mind before buying. 6 types of toys are loved by budgies

  1. Foraging toys
  2. Chewing toys
  3. Shredding toys
  4. Intelligence toys
  5. Perching toys
  6. Noise making toys

Here below is the explanation and some useful tips that will help you always.

Foraging toys for budgies

Foraging toys are the toys that help the bird to find and search for their food. They are made to help him be busy all day long.

In the wild parakeets spend their whole day in search of food. It keeps them entertaining and busy. When we keep them as pets, they are getting their food readily available in the feeders. So, they have nothing to do.

To provide the natural environment and get rid of their boredom life, we provide them with foraging toys. They attract the bird’s curiosity. The pet loves to discover it with his beak and get food in a fun way.

These toys are colorful and are safe for them. Best foraging toys for budgies are

Chew toys for budgies

Budgies like to chew. In the wild, they have a lot of things to chew such as woods, grass, etc. It is in their nature. In the home, they will chew on anything they get especially toys.

There is a lot of stuff in your home that may be unsafe for your bird. You have to keep an eye on your pet. To prevent any complications, there are certain toys available for chewing.

Budgies love to chew on toys, softwoods, paper, strings, any natural fibers rattle, rubber, hard plastic toys, barbells. All these kinds of stuff are safe for them. Some toys have a toxic coating on them. You should avoid giving them.

Here is the recommended toy for chewing that is safe for them and will love to have it is Rypet bird Chewing toy.

Noise making toys for budgies

Parakeets love to have toys that make noise. They like the ringing bells and any toy that makes noise on touch. It keeps them focused. They will play and try to discover from where this music comes from.

Most toys have shine on them which makes them more attractive. These toys mentally stimulate them. It also keeps them quiet, not much.

Not every bell toy is safe. Some have dangers that can make your bird injured. Here is my recommendation.

Intelligence toys for budgies

Intelligence toys keep the bird discovering more. In wild, there are a lot of adventures for them. They have to deal with many situations. In short, they stay active and stimulated.

We humans have learned which toys work best to keep them mentally stimulated. There are various toys that make the budgies discover and help them to boost their intelligence.

These are one of the best ways to keep the parakeets in motion and entertained. They love to have these kinds of toys. There are many toys available but may not all of them work.

My recommended toy is here

Shredding toys for budgies

Have you ever seen a parrot not shredding? This is their best hobby. Owners complain about this behavior but you can’t stop them. All you have to do is to provide them this kind of toy.

If you cant waste money, you can use paper. If budgies shred paper it means they are sexually matured or close to it.

Remember it is their natural behavior. They shred things to be happy, healthy, and active.

You can also make shredding toys at home.

What are budgie shredding toys? Here are the list of shredding toys:


Parakeets spend most of their time perching. There are a lot of entertaining sitting perches available. These toys are made of plastic, wood, and rope.

Perches boost the sitting experience of the bird. There are ropes on which they climb. You should avoid the smooth and round perches because of the low grip. It can be harmful to their feet too.

They are the perches too. A natural wooden perch serves the best purpose. I recommended earlier one is premium and the other is cheap

Budgie toys for outside cage

Things to look before buying toys

If you are going to the pet store, you will be confused because there are thousands of toys from which you have to choose the right one. . Some toys are toxic and some are not of their type. Before buying you should avoid the below type of bad toys for budgies.

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Size of toys

Budgies are small birds. They need medium-sized toys. Larger toys such as a big bell would be heavier for them to move. Big chew toys would not be chewed by them. Big perch would not provide proper grip to the feet.

Same case for the smaller toys. The small playground would not be ideal for them to play. Same case for the ladder and swing. As you enter the store look for the medium-sized toys.


Budgies love to have colored toys. They have good vision. That’s why many toys have bright beads, ladders, swings, and shredding toys.

These are only safe if they have a non-toxic coating on them. You can choose natural-looking wood toys. Opt for stainless steel for bells. This will ensure complete safety for your companion.

Wood choice

Apple, almond, pine, beech, mimosa, bottle brush, fir are some common woods that are safe for the parakeets

Unsafe woods include flame tree red alder, apricot, cherry, boxwood, walnut, etc. Here is the guide for best wood.

Glues can be unsafe. Make sure if you join two parts of toys, it should be inaccessible to the bird so that he finds no way to ingest it.

Is bamboo safe?

Rope material

The rope is in the category of chewing. There is a chance they may ingest the thread. So for safety, it should be made of natural materials such as cotton, hemp, or sisal.

The rope should be 100% natural fiber made. You should avoid rope made of nylon. As it can cause injury and cuts to the bird if ingested. Make sure these are oil and pesticides free.


Chains are safe for the parakeet if they are made of stainless steel, nickel plated, and aluminum. As aluminum oxide is safe and non-toxic if ingested.

Copper, lead, zinc, and iron are toxic. You should take serious precautions before buying any toys having this material. These metals can because metal poisoning in your friend’s stomach.

Leather and plastic

Toys made of leather are used for chewing. The leather should be tanned in a vegetable manner.

If it is made in a way as for shoes and belts etc. it is toxic and risky for the bird to chew

Avoid toys having soft plastic. As there are chances of ingesting


Many people recommend you place a mirror in or outside the cage. This is a good source of entertainment. Is that true?

Parakeets will surely get rid of loneliness. But his thing will boost his aggression. When he sees his reflection in the mirror, he would think that it was another budgie. He will try to touch him through his beak.

He will get some food in his beak and offer his reflection. If there is no response, he will get angry and peck at the mirror.

Don’t provide a mirror. If you want to help them. Just provide another partner. It is a natural way to get rid of their loneliness.

How many toys should a budgie have?

It depends upon the size of the cage. More the toys more your budgies will keep himself engaged. Toys keep your bird happy.

There should be two toys for a normal size cage. You should change the toys regularly with other ones. For a larger cage, you can add more. In short, there must be enough space for the budgie to fly, and move around in the box.

The purpose of toys is to provide your bird refreshment. Having only one toy all day long for months can bore the parakeet. Rotating toys keep the balance and keep your boy entertaining.

What budgies favorite toys are?

How to get budgies to play with toys?

It’s time to introduce the toys to the budgies. At first, he will fear them as he has never seen this kind of stuff before. It takes time for some but for some, it is an easy task.

Introduce toys slowly

For budgies to get used to the product, place outside them for some days. Don’t introduce directly in the cage. If you do so, he will be scared and may move to the corner.

When budgies are used to it as they develop trust, place the toy inside. For swings and ladders, you won’t need to do so, introduce them directly. He will start playing himself

Give him his Favorite toy

SOmetimes parakeet may don’t like the choice of toys you bought for him. As I told you earlier that every bird has a different taste and choice.

Keep swapping the toys. As budgie shows interest in a particular toy, give him that category of toy. He will surely play with them.

Peanut butter on toys

Another best way is to paste peanut butter on the toys. He will attract by and get used to the toy with time.

What do budgies do for fun?

Where to place budgie toys?

You can place toys anywhere in the cage where your budgie has easy access.

  • The ladder can be placed along with the door, or at the corner.
  • If you have a bridge-type rope ladder place it at the center. Attach one end with the perch or other with the wall or both with the wall.
  • Attach bells at the roof. It should have easy access to the bird. The bird sitting on the perch can easily touch it.
  • Other hanging toys can be attached with the perch (for bigger cage) or a roof is recommended
  • The playground should be on the floor.
  • Some toys are made for the outside roof, that is their ideal location

How many toys should be in budgie cage?