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Cockatiels and mirrors – Should you give them?

Mackenzie Gary



Cockatiels are attracted to bright and eye-catching things around them and this acts as a great motivator for them. Some birds go quite crazy with mirrors; Others do very well. Mirrors act as a toy for some birds and this amuses and stimulates them.

Cockatiels love mirrors and it can be fun to add them to your cage. Cockatiels love to look at their reflection and a mirror can be a good toy for them. It helps to reduce their stress levels and they can feel the magic in the presence of the mirror.

Cockatiels require a lot of stimulation because they are considered highly sophisticated and social birds. They need multiple toys inside their cage to keep them interested. A mirror is a toy that can be used to stimulate them.

However, they should have a variety of toys to reduce the psychological impact of looking at themselves in the mirror. Continue reading the article to get useful information about mirrors for cockatiels.

Should cockatiels have a mirror in their cage?

It is a good idea to put a mirror in the cockatiel’s cage if you find your bird singing or playing with it. Mirrors are a source of stimulation for birds and cockatiels to enjoy their reflection.

Therefore, some experts recommend placing a mirror in the bird’s cage so that it is engaged in playful activities instead of sitting idly. However, some say that if there is only one cockatiel in the cage, a mirror is not a good idea.

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This is because mirroring in such a situation disrupts the bird’s training and can hinder its performance.

Some believe that if there are two cockatiels in a cage; They can play with each other and won’t need a mirror. A general rule of thumb for deciding whether to place a mirror in the cage is to analyze the birds’ reactions to it. If the bird sings or plays with the mirror; This means having a mirror is good.

However, if the bird shows signs of fear, aggression, or agitation. Then there is no need to install a mirror. These signs indicate that the bird is not comfortable with the mirror and is better off without it.

Are Mirrors Bad for Cockatiels?

Mirrors are generally not bad for cockatiels. They actually love playing with them. Mirrors act as stress relievers for these birds. It also entertains them and prevents loneliness.

However, sometimes this is not a good choice, especially for a single cocktail. This is because it can interfere with the training or bonding of the bird and affect its performance.

Additionally, the bird may become obsessed with the mirror and scream at the mirror out of aggression.

The best way to put a mirror in a bird cage is to see how the bird reacts to it. If the bird is happy in the presence of the mirror; It is good to keep it inside the cage. However, if the bird becomes overly aggressive or obsessive with the mirror and its reflection. Then, it is better to remove it.

Can cockatiels recognize themselves in mirrors?

It is difficult to say whether cockatiels recognize themselves in mirrors or not. In this regard, many scientific studies have been conducted to understand the reality of the bird.

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These studies mostly suggest that cockatiels are unable to recognize themselves in mirrors. These studies further show that the bird feels as if no other bird is showing itself in the mirror.

However, this fact is still difficult to fully determine. But many people put the mirror in the cage because of the understanding that the bird does not recognize itself in the mirror.

Hence the mirror becomes a necessity for solitude where the bird feels that it has a companion every time it looks at itself in the mirror. This can cause trouble for the bird if it has an obsession with the mirror bird.

So it is better to use more than one toy inside the bird’s cage to keep it psychologically healthy and energetic. These include colorful toys such as disco balls or flying bird toys. Avoid using metal toys as they are not safe for these birds and can be toxic to them.

Do cockatiels like to look in the mirror?

Yes, cockatiels enjoy looking in the mirror for a few reasons. First of all, the mirror is a great source of attention for them. It helps keep them busy and avoid loneliness.

Second, cockatiels love to look at their reflection, and looking in a mirror can easily lift their mood. They love to sing and play while watching it and feel the magic.

Third, cockatiels love reflective surfaces and shiny objects in their surroundings. Looking in the mirror gives them more satisfaction.

Fourth, they are very complex birds and require constant stimulation and stimulation. Mirrors are a source of stimulation for cockatiels, which is good for them in the long run. Most cockatiels like to look in the mirror.

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However, if they become aggressive or fearful; This is a sign that they do not like to look at themselves in the mirror. In such case; You have to remove the mirror from the bird’s cage to calm it down.


Cockatiels love to look at themselves in the mirror. It gives them instant gratification and helps to relieve their stress. Other toys, like mirrors, are a great source of encouragement and motivation for the bird.

However, it should only be used inside the cage if the bird responds positively to it. For this purpose, it is best to see how the cockatiels react to the mirror before placing them in their cage.

The best way to use a mirror with cockatiels is to have it available for a period of time rather than having it available 24 hours a day.