What do budgies like to do for fun?

Budgies are known for being playful and loving to interact with their owners. But if you want your budgie to be happy and healthy, it’s important to give it enough things to do and things to think about. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most fun things budgies like to do.

Having Fun with Toys

One of the best ways to keep budgies busy and happy is to let them play with toys. Here are some of the best toys your budgie could have:


: Budgies like to swing back and forth because it makes them feel like they are moving. A simple wooden swing can keep your budgie busy for a long time. You can also give your bird different kinds of swings to keep it interested.


Budgies are very social birds that like to talk to other birds and even to themselves in the mirror. A small mirror can be a lot of fun for your budgie to play with. But you shouldn’t give your budgie a mirror that is too big or that could be mistaken for another bird.

Chewing toys:

 Budgies have strong beaks and like to chew. Giving them toys to chew on can help keep their beaks healthy and give them something to do. You can choose from chewing toys made of wood, paper, or leather, among other materials.


Balls are another good toy for budgies. These are small balls made of plastic. They like to use their beaks and feet to move the ball around, which can help them get better at coordination and motor skills. You can also try giving your budgie other kinds of balls, like ping-pong balls or small plastic balls with bells inside.

When choosing toys for your budgie, it’s important to choose ones that are safe and right for your bird. Avoid toys that have small parts or that could be harmful if eaten. You should also change your budgie’s toys often to keep things interesting and keep your budgie from getting bored. Your budgie will never be bored again if you give it lots of fun and interesting toys.

Taking Baths

Budgies like to take baths because they are naturally clean birds. You can buy a small bird bath or give your budgie a shallow dish of water to splash around in. Some budgies also like it when their owners take showers with them.

Both flying and working out

Budgies are very active birds that like to fly and move around. It is important for their physical and mental health to give them enough room to fly around. You can also get your budgie to exercise by giving it ladders, ropes, and other toys that it can use to climb.

Getting to Know New Tricks

You and your budgie can have a lot of fun when you both learn new tricks. These smart birds learn quickly and love to show off what they’ve learned. Teaching your budgie new tricks not only gives them something to think about, but it can also help you get closer to your feathered friend.

You can teach your budgie fun tricks like playing dead, bringing you small things, and ringing a bell. Start by picking a simple trick that your budgie can learn quickly, like stepping on your finger when you say so. Once your budgie knows how to do this trick, you can move on to harder ones.

Your budgie needs to be trained with patience and consistency. Use positive reinforcement, like a treat or verbal praise, to get your bird to do what you want it to do. Training sessions should be short and happen often, and they should always end on a good note.

Don’t forget that not all budgies will want to learn tricks, so it’s important to respect your bird’s personality and choices. But if you are patient and keep at it, you might be surprised at how much your budgie can learn.


Q: Do budgies like to be held? A: Budgies like to spend time with their owners because they are social birds. But some budgies don’t like to be held, so it’s important to know your bird’s limits.

How often should I buy new toys for my budgie? A: It’s a good idea to switch up your budgie’s toys so they always have something new to play with and learn from.


Budgies are social, active birds that need a lot of things to do and places to go to stay happy and healthy. By giving your budgie toys, space to fly and exercise, and the chance to learn new tricks, you can make their home a fun and stimulating place for them to live. So, the next time you wonder, “What do budgies like to do for fun?” you know the answer. you’ll know the answer is “a lot”






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