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Do Budgies Like to Be Held?

Mackenzie Gary



If you’ve recently bought a budgie, you’ll be curious to know whether or not it’s like to be held. After all, hugging your bird is a great way to get closer to it and earn its trust. In this article, we’ll talk about whether budgies like to be touched and give you tips on how to safely hold and handle your pet bird.

Do budgies like to be held?

The answer to the question of whether budgies like to be held is not as simple as “yes” or “no”. Some budgies may love to cuddle with their people, but others may feel uncomfortable or scared when they are picked up. A lot of this depends on how your bird behaves, how old it is, and how many people it has been around before.

Some budgies may be more used to being touched than others. A young budgie that has been handled a lot since infancy is more likely to be more comfortable to hold than an older bird that hasn’t been around people much.

In the same way, budgies reared in a caring environment with lots of socialization may be more open to hugs than birds that were ignored or hurt.

But it’s important to remember that budgies are prey animals, so when caught, they may feel vulnerable and scared.

Their natural instinct is to fly away or hide from potential predators, so being picked up can be scary or stressful to them. If you try to hold your budgie and he seems nervous or upset, it’s best to respect his space and give him some space.

Tips for Holding and Handling Your Budgie:

If you want to get to know your budgie better and hold it, there are a few things you can do to make the experience better for you and your bird:

1. Begin slowly:

Instead of trying to get your budgie out of its cage right away, spend some time near it and talk to it in a calm, soothing voice. Give them treats or toys to help them associate good things with you.

2. Get the bird used to being in your hands:

Once your budgie is used to being around you, you can start feeding it from your hand. This will help them remember good things about your hands and build trust.

3.Use Proper Handling Techniques:

When you’re ready to pick up your budgie, do so gently and carefully, making sure to support its body and wings. Don’t squeeze or hold them too tightly, because this can hurt your bird or make it uncomfortable.

Taming is not easy, you have to learn some tactics.

4.Keep sessions for handling things short:

Especially at first, it’s important to keep your time with your budgie short so you don’t overwhelm or stress it out. Start by holding your bird for just a few minutes at a time. As your bird gets used to being held, you can increase the length of your sessions.

Where do budgies like to be touched the most?

Budgies love to be touched on the top of their heads, around their cheeks and under their beaks. Some budgies also like to be scratched on the neck or back, but it’s important to pay attention to your bird’s body language and only touch them where they feel comfortable and at ease.

It is important to move slowly and gently towards your budgie and avoid touching sensitive parts like their wings or tail. With time and patience, you can get to know your budgie and find out where he likes to be petted.

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How do budgies like to be held?

Budgies like to be held gently and securely, with both hands supporting their bodies and wings. To lift the budgie, place one hand on the bird’s back and the other on its legs.

Make sure you hold them close to your body and speak to them in a calm, reassuring manner to help them feel safe and comfortable. It is important not to squeeze or hold the bird, as doing so can make it feel trapped or scared.

Some budgies may be more comfortable being held against your chest or shoulder, while others may be happier being held in your hands.

Respect your budgie’s boundaries and only hold them for short periods of time to keep them from becoming stressed or uncomfortable. With time and praise, you can help your budgie get used to being held and build a strong bond with your feathered friend.


How can I tell if my budgie likes to be held?

Your budgie likes physical contact if it leans into your hand or snuggles up to you when you’re holding it, or if it chirps or makes other sounds of pleasure.

Can I watch TV with my Budgie on my lap?

Budgies love spending time with their human friends, but it’s important to remember that they still need plenty of time out of their cage to run and exercise. If you want to cuddle with your budgie while you watch TV, be sure to give them plenty of time to play and cuddle before and after your cuddling session.

Is it safe for me to hold my budgie?

If you hold your budgie correctly, it can be safe and fun for both you and your bird. But it’s important to be gentle when you handle your budgie and make sure it’s comfortable and calm before picking it up.

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Can I train my budgie to like being held?

You can’t force your partner to like physical contact, but you can help them get used to it by giving them positive feedback and building up their trust and confidence over time.

Do budgies like to be hold?

No, budgies do not like to be held, if they are not tamed yet. When you hold a budgie, it can feel scary and uncomfortable because it makes them feel trapped or threatened. Instead, it’s important to handle the bird gently and allow it to come to you when it wants to.

With patience and positive feedback, you can help your budgie get used to being around people and being handled.


So, do budgies like it when you hold them? The answer is that it depends on the personality of the bird and how it has been treated by people in the past. Some budgies like to cuddle with their people, but others may feel uncomfortable or fearful when they are picked up.

If you want to catch and handle your budgie, you must start slowly, use the correct techniques, and respect your bird’s boundaries. With time and patience, you can help your budgie get used to being touched and build a strong bond with your feathered friend.