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Can ducks eat grapes? How much is safe?

Mackenzie Gary



Grapes are one of the juiciest and yummy fruits out there. They are cheap and nutritious. I love to eat grapes as it is high in vitamin C and K. You are eating grapes near the pond and ducks pass by. As you know The best way to get their transit is by feeding them. At the same time, you don’t want to feed him toxic food. So, Can ducks eat grapes?

Ducks can eat grapes without any problem. They are completely safe if given properly. Being High in Vitamin C, they can boost their immune system and improves heart health. There is only a choking hazard that can be solved by slicing the grapes into pieces.

Overfeeding can be harmful. Sometimes choking can happen if given inappropriately. Grapes are high in fructose content which can make your ducks overweight.

How much to feed? How to feed and what are the benefits of grapes for the ducks. Stick to the article for details.

Duck eating grapes

Grapes benefits for ducks:

Grapes have a lot of nutritional value. If given in moderate quantity it did well to them. Some of the benefits are explained below.

Vitamin-D for weak bones

Calcium helps lay healthy eggs. For fulfilling the requirements, ducks take the calcium from the bones. If they don’t take this supplement from their diet, the bones become weaker over time.

Grapes have vitamin D which can be converted into calcium. Moreover, it can also be absorbed by the sun. So vitamin d Indirectly useful for making stronger bones and healthy wings.

Iron for anemia

Grapes have a low amount of iron but it serves its work. Iron helps make hemoglobin in the body, Low amount of this compound in the ducks can cause anemia. It is involved in supplying oxygen in all parts of the body.

Too much iron and too low iron in the birds are harmful. Grapes have a balanced proportion of it which is safe to feed.

Potassium for heart health

Grapes have 288mg of potassium. It is helpful for the heart muscles to work properly and it also maintains fluid balance in the ducks. Lower the risk of heart attacks by slow down the blood pressure. It also prevents osteoporosis.

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In osteoporosis, duck loses bones and they become weak.

Manganese for eggshell quality

Manganese is present at 5% of RDI in grapes. It is involved in the growth, development of bone and helpful in maintaining the shell quality of eggs in ducks.

Vitamin A for quality growth

The deficiency of vitamin A causes respiratory problems in ducks. It is because it maintains the epithelial surfaces. Due to low quantity, this tissue is exposed to diseases as immunity decreases.

Vitamin A is also involved in eyesight, hearing, and mucous membrane maintenance. It is helpful in good feathers production.

Calcium for better bones and eggs

Calcium is helpful for breeding ducks who are going to lay eggs. It strengthens and maintains the quality of the eggs shell. Birds take calcium from the bones. If calcium-related products are not included in their diet, their bones become weaker as calcium is the main component of bones,

It also helps the nerves to communicate and maintains the normal heart rate. Grapes have 15mg calcium.

Vitamin C for stress

Vitamin C is 3.6mg in 92 grams of grapes. It is feed to birds when they are under stress. Whenever your bird is biting, hissing, or screaming you can feed him grapes. Due to less quantity of this vitamin, it may not completely eradicate the symptoms but can minimize the anger.

Vitamin B-6 for healthy cells

This group of vitamins are needed for the production of healthy cells and is also involved in creating blood cells. It keeps the cells healthy

Are grapes healthy for ducks?

Grapes are healthy for ducks. They help in calcium production, improves heart health, decrease high blood pressure, helps with quality bone growth, minimize stress, and have various nutrients that are needed for the quality growth of ducks. In short, grapes are completely safe for ducks and ducklings.

Vitamin D For calcium production
Iron reduces the risk of anemia
Potassiumimproves heart health
ManganeseHealthy eggshell
Vitamin AHelps in growth
CalciumImproves bone health and eggs quality
Vitamin CStress relief
Vitamin B-6For production of healthy cells
Grapes benefits for ducks

How do you feed grapes to ducks?

Grapes have quality benefits for the ducks. As we discussed they are safe but if given in the wrong way they can be dangerous too. We humans have teeth. When we eat grapes we have the crushing ability which makes them easy to swallow and digest. Ducks lack teeth. They cannot chew.

How do you feed grapes to ducks? You can feed them by crushing the grapes. Mesh them with your hands and place them in the feed pot. You can also slice the grapes into two pieces. This makes the ducks easy to swallow.

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Make sure to use fully ripened and good-quality grapes. As they are sweet. Never use unripened grapes as they are sour. They may refuse to eat it. Due to the presence of a higher amount of citrus it can be dangerous too.

What about the peel?

Grapes have a lot of pesticides on their peel. According to research, 90% of grapes in the UK are exposed to pesticides. These are dangerous for the ducks. It is highly recommended to wash the grapes completely. Make sure every part of the spray is washed out.

Peel itself is not harmful. It is the spray that can be toxic for birds. We have to make sure that no kind of poison passes by their throat. Wash the fruits as we do for ourselves.

If you have grown organically in your backyard, you can feed them with no threats. As there are no pesticides involved.

Although there is a special coating of wax over the grapes which makes them safe from bacteria and harmful substances. But washing and cleaning the peel can minimize the chances of pesticides intake

Do not feed the rotten grapes. Any food that is exposed to bacteria and cannot be eaten by humans, should not be fed to ducks. It can disturb their stomach and can cause diarrhea and food poisoning.

Can ducks eat grapes with seeds?

There are certain types of grapes. Some of them have small, some have large and some kinds came with no seeds.

Ducks can eat grapes seeds. Seeds are not harmful. They can be easily digestible in the body. For any inconvenience feed them grapes having small or no seeds in the fruit.

Seeds of this fruit contain beneficial antioxidants and nutrients. DO NOT FEED GRAPES SEEDS TO THE DUCKLINGS. Always crush the fruit and remove the seeds. Their digestive system is not so active and feeding them seeds can be harmful.

Can I feed grape leaves and vines to Ducks?

There is no hazard of feeding them grape leaves and vines. They are safe. Don’t worry they will not overfeed.

If you have vines in the backyard feel free to feed them until you have done any pesticides spray. It is poisonous and can be toxic for ducks. How to feed?

The best way to feed the vines is to put them in hot water. Wash them. Clean any bird droppings and dirt.

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Place in the sun for dryness. Now it is safe and ready to serve. You can also get some iron, dietary fibers, and some essential vitamins from grapevines.

How much to feed?

Fruits are not their essential diet. Grapes should not be more than 10% of their main diet. Always feed them as their passive treat. It should not replace their main diet.

Moderation should be the key. Overeating can be harmful. Ducks always ask you more. As they love to eat grapes. Feed them 2-3 times a week. Do not feed them big pieces of grape. As it can cause choking. Slice into smaller pieces for safety.

Can baby ducks eat grapes?

Baby ducks can eat grapes too. There is no harm in feeding. Always mesh the grapes and place them in the feeding pot. They will love to eat.

Remember bigger pieces can cause choking. The piece may be stuck in their throat which may lead to the death of the innocent duckling.

Here is the video of ducklings eating grapes and watermelon without any hesitation.

Ducklings eating watermelon and grapes

Are dried grapes ok?

Dried grapes are called raisins. They are 3 times sweeter than normal grapes. Raisins are completely safe for the ducks. They can easily digest it without any harm.

One thing they do is increase the weight of the ducks if overeaten. That’s why it should be fed in moderate quantity. 1 Tablespoon of raisins is recommended 2-3 times a week.

They have a lot of minerals and nutrients that are extremely useful for the ducks. Dried grapes can cause diseases and the death of your bird if given inappropriately. I Have fully covered this topic before. You can read it here for safety.

What kind of grapes can ducks eat?

Ducks can eat any type of grapes that are ripened and sweet. They can eat green, black, purple and any type of grapes that are seedless or with seed. There is no harm if you fed them .


Some precautions you need to make sure before feeding grapes. These are for the safety of your ducks

  • Bigger piece of grape have a risk of choke in duck. It sometimes can stuck in the throat (Rare case). Always cut the grape in to pieces for any complication
  • Wash the fruit for the removal of pesticides
  • Do not feed seeds to the baby ducks. For adults it is safe.
  • Grapes should be ripened and sweet.
  • Do not overfeed. 2-3 times a week is enough.
  • If ducks avoid to eat , do not force them.
  • Dried grapes if overeaten by the birds can increase their weight.
  • Always feed in moderation

How’s your duck react when you feed him grapes? Share your some thoughts in the comments.