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How to get ducks to lay eggs in nest? Pro tips

Mackenzie Gary


How to get ducks to lay eggs in the nest?

Ducks are like chickens in certain habits but they both have different egg-laying habits. Chickens keep their eggs clean while ducks make them dirty, A Chicken always lays eggs in the nest. She waits if another hen is laying. if an emergency, she sits along with her but always lays an egg in the nest.

Ducks are different in this matter. Each duck needs a separate nest box for better egg-laying. One nest may work for the other 2 ducks. If the duck is brooding, a separate nest is recommended

Reasons why ducks are not laying eggs in the nest

If Ducks are not laying eggs there are reasons that you need to solve. You may be ignoring some factors that are causing her to leave the nest and lay eggs around. First I will explain to you the reasons after that you can choose the solution accordingly.

Are you stealing her eggs?

People raise ducks mostly for eggs. We need to collect them for our use. Ducks are very intelligent in this matter. They hide their eggs so nobody can find them.

I have seen in cases that when you collect the eggs from their nest, they will look for another place to lay eggs. Because they wanted to save them from stealing.

You can place fake eggs in their nest. If you do this they will think that their egg is completely safe there and nobody is stealing.

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You have built the bad nest

Ducks like to nest in the ground. They look for a place that is a little wet and dark. A hen always makes sure that it is away from predators.

A wrong nesting place and materials can urge the duck to lay eggs outside. She may find a better place to lay eggs.

First, you have to look where she is laying eggs. Determine the location. See if she is laying eggs in the hay. Place hay in the nest. If she lays eggs close to the rock or tree. It means that she is feeling insecure in your nest. Provide her corner or a nesting box which is covered from every side except the front one.

Seasonal nests

I have seen in many cases that in summer she lays an egg in one nest and in autumn she changes the location and looks for other places to lay. Ducks often make seasonal nests. In winter they look for the warmer place and in summer cooler place is preferable by them.

Predators around

Fear of predators is the dominant factor that your duck is not laying an egg in the nest. Rats love to eat their eggs. Look for the rats around. Make sure your coop is safe and no predator can enter it.

How to make ducks lay eggs in the nest?

Some solutions work the best. All of these methods are given below to encourage them.

Buy fake eggs

You can encourage the duck to lay eggs by showing fake eggs in the nest. When we collect eggs from her nest, she thinks it is not a safe place as her eggs are stolen daily. After that, she looks for a better place where her eggs remain safe.

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All you have to do is to place these egg decoys in her nest to show her that eggs are safe and nobody is stealing them. If she never lay an egg before in that nest. It also tells the ducks to lay eggs in that place

Close them in the nesting box

It is one of the best ways. This method works in most cases. All you have to do is to close them in the nesting box for almost 4 days. When they don’t find the way to go outside and lay eggs anywhere. They will start laying eggs in the nest.

As she laid the first egg, she will start laying others too. Remember to place fake eggs after you collect the real ones. So they feel completely safe.

Most ducks lay eggs in the morning. You can keep them close in the coop at that time. Broody may hold the eggs for laying eggs in the outside area.

Choose a dark nesting area

Ducks love to lay eggs in dark areas. It doesn’t mean that they like the nesting area which is dark as night.

Place the nesting box in the coop. The nesting box which is covered from the back left and right side serves the best. It should be dark so ducks can feel secure.

Build a natural nest

Ducks usually build nests near water. They look for the tall grass, bush, near the rocks, or somewhere they think they are secure.

What do ducks like to nest in? Ducks like cool surfaces. Mallard looks for a place where food is in plenty. All ducks like to nest on the ground having hay, straw on it, making a soft and comfortable place for themselves

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Female mallard cannot recognize his nest if it is moved away

To make the perfect nest that encourages the ducks, place a nest box on the ground. Add dirt in it. Straw, hay, and pines work best for their bed. For a natural look add partially decayed leaves on it. If it is in a dark place, it will attract them.

You may have seen that they lay eggs in the hay most times. So, hay is better to place in the nest.

In the wild female ducks look for the tunnel-like place and trees having a hole inside for nesting. For a natural nest, you can use a mallard nesting tube.

Always make sure every duck has a separate nest for nesting ducks. If there is only one spot, the duck will sit on the other duck that is already laying an egg.

Don’t disturb the nest

Sometimes ducks may not be returned to the disturbing nest considering it insecure for them. If you move away their nest, they may forget their nest location as a case of mallards. don’t disturb their nest or change the location if they are already giving eggs.

Duck in some cases return. By the way, it is illegal to disturb the duck’s nest.

Main Focus

These tips work for most people as our main focus was to provide duck 3 things

  1. Security of eggs
  2. Natural nest
  3. Good and safe environment

Just act on these 3 things, your duck will surely lay an egg in your desired nest. If these tactics work for you, please comment to share your experience.