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Can Conures Eat Bananas?What You Need to Know

Mackenzie Gary



If you are a pet owner and love feeding your feathered friend different fruits, you might have wondered whether or not can conures eat bananas. Bananas are a popular fruit among humans, but not all fruits are suitable for birds.

In this blog post, we will explore whether conures can eat bananas and what precautions you should take when feeding your pet.

The simple answer is, yes, conures can eat bananas. Bananas are a safe and healthy fruit for conures to eat, and they can provide your pet with essential nutrients. However, you should feed bananas to your conure in moderation, as excessive fruit consumption can lead to health problems.

If you are a conure owner, you must know what foods are safe for your pet to eat. Feeding your bird the wrong food can lead to serious health problems, and in some cases, it can be fatal. 

Can Conures Eat Bananas? The Explanation

Now that we have established that conures can eat bananas let’s explore why bananas are a healthy food for conures and what precautions you should take when feeding your pet.

Nutritional Value of Bananas for conures.

As a good pet owner, you should make sure that your pet only eats healthy foods.

Don’t worry—we’ve put together a table of bananas’ health benefits for your conures. Check this out:

From the table above, we can see that bananas are full of nutrients that are good for your conure’s health. Here are some good reasons for your pets to eat bananas:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is good for both people and birds in terms of their defense systems.

Your conure will always be healthy because it helps the body make antibodies that fight off infections and illnesses.

With this vitamin, you can also be sure that your bird’s mental health will stay good and that it will feel less stressed.


One of the most essential vitamins that bananas give to people and conures is potassium. It’s a big part of making sure your conures grow well and preventing them from not growing at all.

It also helps keep your kidneys healthy and stops diseases that are caused by not getting enough potassium.

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Your conures require a lot of energy to do everything they need to do. fortunately bananas have magnesium, which is a vital mineral that turns fats and proteins into energy. It also helps the bird’s muscles rest and contract, which is good for their health.

vitamin A

Also, bananas are full of vitamin A, which is an important mineral for conures to eat. Your conure’s body needs it to keep its weight steady, keep its beak and nails from getting too long, and keep its eyes from getting swollen.

Your conure’s beak and nails don’t break as a result of this vitamin.


Bananas are a great source of iron, a mineral that is essential for the production of hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen throughout the body. A diet rich in iron is essential for conures because it prevents anemia.

Keep in mind that while birds need iron in their diet, too much of it can be harmful.

vitamin B6

Bananas are a great source of this vitamin, which is vital for conures. The birds will have more energy because it aids in protein digestion. It is also crucial for the production of robust eggs.

When conures don’t have enough vitamin B6, it can slow their growth and make them less hungry.

Precautions When Feeding Bananas to Conures

While bananas are safe for conures to eat, you should still take precautions when feeding your pet. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Feed bananas in moderation: While bananas are a healthy food for conures, you should not feed them in large quantities. A few slices of banana per week are sufficient for your pet.

Always wash bananas before feeding them to your conure: Bananas may be treated with chemicals and pesticides, which can be harmful to birds. Make sure to wash the fruit thoroughly before feeding it to your pet.

Remove the peel: Conures cannot digest the peel of the banana, so make sure to remove it before feeding your pet. The peel can also be a choking hazard.

How to feed Bananas For Your conures.

Can Conures Eat Bananas?

If you want to give conures bananas, cut the fresh fruit into small, even slices and simply leave them out for them to eat.

Although, you should only give them a few pieces at a time since the birds will waste them if they leave them out for too long.

There are more ways to prepare bananas for your conures than just cutting them up fresh.

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The entire banana treat!

Adult conures can usually eat this fruit on their own, so you can give it to them whole, with the peel still on. Some birds might like whole bananas better, but you must still feed them in slices. That’s a great way to keep them from eating too much food.

Frozen banana.

Offering a cool treat will not hurt conures because they also feel bad when it’s hot. Freezing the banana slices before serving them to the conures is safe. The healthy nutrients in the banana will still be there, and it will help keep the birds cool all day.

Banana mashed.

Another option is to peel as well as mash the bananas to make a tasty treat. For very ripe bananas, this way of preparing them works well.

Some pet owners like to make smoothies out of banana meat, which is great for young conures because bananas are less likely to get stuck in their beaks.

Note: We don’t think you should give your conures dried bananas or just banana chips or crisps.

In dried bananas, the process of drying them out makes the sugar content higher. As we said before, giving your winged friends a lot of sugar is not a good idea because it can cause several health problems.

You can give your conures chips and crispies every once in a while without any problems, but we don’t suggest giving them chips.

Due to their processed nature, these foods often contain additional sugar and preservatives.

Even while these compounds are perfectly fine for humans to eat, they can be fatal for these small birds.

Can Conures Eat Banana Peels?

Can Conures Eat Bananas?

While many pet owners report their conures safely consuming banana peels, it’s important to consider some crucial aspects before introducing peels to their diet:

  1. Digestive Challenges: Banana peels are rich in cellulose, a complex carbohydrate that may prove difficult for conures to digest efficiently.

  2. Chemical Concerns: Non-organic banana peels are often treated with pesticides and other chemicals to ward off pests. These substances can pose significant health risks to your feathered friends if ingested.

  3. Moderation and Organic Choices: If you decide to offer banana peels to your conures, it’s vital to do so sparingly. A suggested guideline is one serving of unpeeled bananas every two weeks. Additionally, opting for organic bananas can mitigate the risk of chemical exposure. Remember, organic peels are a safer choice compared to those from non-organic bananas.

  4. conures Preferences: conures can be finicky eaters. There’s a possibility that your birds may not show interest in the peels at all. In such cases, it’s best to stick to feeding them the banana flesh, which they might find more appealing.

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FAQs About Feeding Conures Bananas

Q. Can conures eat other types of fruit?

A. Yes, conures can eat many different types of fruit. However, you should avoid feeding your pet fruits that are high in sugar, such as grapes and cherries, as they can lead to health problems.

Q. Can bananas cause diarrhea in conures?

A. Yes, excessive fruit consumption, including bananas, can cause diarrhea in conures. To avoid this, make sure to feed your pet bananas in moderation.

Q. Can conures eat banana chips?

A. No, you should avoid feeding your conure banana chips, as they are often coated with sugar and other unhealthy additives.

Your conures can eat more foods than just bananas. You can give your conures the following foods without worrying about their safety:

  • Grapes
  • Mangoes
  • Melons
  • Apples
  • Cantaloupes
  • Plums
  • Nectarines
  • Papayas



Bananas are indeed a delightful and safe treat for your conures, offering them a variety of essential nutrients while also being a favorite snack among these birds, including their wild counterparts.

They are packed with vital nutrients that help maintain your parakeet’s health and ward off various illnesses.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that bananas are high in sugar.

To prevent health complications such as obesity, it’s advisable to offer bananas to your birds in moderation.

When it comes to baby conures, extra caution is necessary to ensure that the fruit doesn’t pose any risk to their delicate health.

With this information, you should feel confident and well-equipped to appropriately incorporate bananas into your conure’s diet.

This sweet and nutritious fruit can now be a part of your beloved conures’ healthy and enjoyable diet regimen.

It’s important to remember that while bananas are safe for conures to eat, they should not be the only food in your pet’s diet.

A balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins is essential for your conure’s health.


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