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  • What Wood is Safe for Budgies? Choose this

     As owners, it’s important to give them a comfortable and healthy place to live, like a cage, perches, and toys made of the right materials. In this article, we’ll talk about the different kinds of wood that budgies can eat and what to look for to keep your pet bird healthy and safe.  Types of […]

  • Is it Safe for Budgies to Eat Bamboo? A Complete Guide

     As a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure that everything you give your pet is safe and good for it. Bamboo is a popular choice for pet owners because it can be used in many ways and is made of natural materials. But is it safe for budgies? Bamboo is safe for budgies […]

  • Are Rope Perches Safe for Budgies? An In-Depth Analysis

    The perch is an essential component of budgie’s cage arrangement, and many owners choose rope perches. However, the issue remains: are rope perches safe for budgies? This blog will talk about the safety, pros, and cons of giving budgies rope perches so that you can make an informed choice. The Security of Rope Perches for Budgerigars […]

  • Is Paper Safe for Budgies? A Complete Guide

     To what extent paper is safe for budgies is a question that many budgie owners ask. This article will examine whether paper is safe for budgies and will offer advice and information to help you make wise choices.. The Safety of Paper for Budgies When it comes to the safety of paper for budgies, it […]

  • Are Fans Bad For Budgies? A deep Analysis

    Introduction: Budgies, which are also called parakeets, are popular birds that people keep as pets. They are known for their happy chirping and bright colours. As pet owners, we want to make sure that our feathered friends are safe and comfortable in our homes. A common question is whether or not fans are bad for […]

  • Lovebirds Vs Budgies – The difference

    Lovebirds Vs Budgies – The difference

    While lovebirds and budgies are household pets, for that, cages, food, and water are required to extend their life spans. Lovebirds vs budgies are relevant to show their dissimilarity for the perfect pick for your pet cage. Undoubtedly, both are attractive, physically fit, energetic, and easy to handle.  Rather than good quality, some interesting things […]

  • Why do budgies scream? How to stop?

    Why do budgies scream? How to stop?

    Budgies are pretty birds. If you are adopting them for the first time you might face some problems which might exhaust you. Screaming all day is normal but sometimes they do it for some reasons that when avoided or unnoticed can even lead to their death (rare). Here are the reasons budgies scream suddenly Below […]

  • How to comfort a dying budgie at home – Symptoms

    How to comfort a dying budgie at home – Symptoms

    It is a very exciting moment when you bring your budgie for the first time to your home. You take care of him just like a mother treats her baby. He sits on you, plays with you. Both of you love to spend time with each other. I know how hard it is for you […]

  • 10 best Toys that budgies love to have – Guide

    10 best Toys that budgies love to have – Guide

    Budgies are small pet birds. Some people just keep them in their homes for decoration purposes. But some caring owners take this to another level. These people treat them like their kids and take care of them in every matter. Budgies are wild birds. Your house is not their ideal home. So to keep them […]

  • These tips can tame your parakeet fast and Effective

    These tips can tame your parakeet fast and Effective

    Budgies are small birds. Anyone who is looking for a pet bird chooses budgies because of their cuteness. Moreover, they are easy to be tamed. People have heard that they are easily petted so they brought them home. But they often failed to tame a parakeet because of a lack of knowledge and experience. Instead […]